Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | May 7th – May 14th, 2020

A BLOCK: It’s one of the most popular shows on TV. And it’s been on the air since before most of us were born.  Over the years, it’s been the springboard for some of our favorite singers. Yes, we’re talking about American Idol.  But when watching the show on TV, you only see part of what it’s like to be a contestant.  In our 3-part special report, Ava speaks to a contestant that made it to Hollywood and has a special connection to Teen Kids News.

B BLOCK:  In part 2 of our special report on what it’s like to be a contestant on American Idol, Ava continues her discussion with contestant, and former Teen Kids News reporter, Ameliarose.

C BLOCK: In part 3 of our special report on American Idol, we follow Ameliarose through the dreaded elimination rounds and find out just how far Ashe got.

D BLOCK:  Sebastian’s report sheds some light on what you may not be getting a good night’s sleep. CC: HEALTH

Most of us know about the dangers of distracted driving, but the National Road Safety Foundation wants you to also know about the dangers of walking while distracted. That’s why they sponsor this video message. CC: HEALTH

E BLOCK: Katie tells us about something that stands 4 stories tall, weighs a ton and a half, is edible…and broke a Guinness World Record.

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