Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | May 31st – June 7th, 2019

A BLOCK:  It’s never been easy being a teen.  But it seems that it’s certainly gotten a lot tougher.  Emily introduces us to an Atlanta teen is using her personal health challenges to help others.  She developed a unique mental health app. CC: HEALTH

B Block:  In this report brought to you by the National Road Safety Foundation, Katie introduces us to the winner of the annual Drive2Life contest and takes us behind the scenes as he turns his idea into a public service announcement.

C Block:  We can all use some advice on how to do our best in school.  So, Christin’s back with another “Make the Grade” report that features study tips from students around the country.

When it comes to prom – and other formal occasions – if you’re a guy, you’ll probably need to wear a tuxedo.  And for a lot of us, the thought of choosing the right tux may be more nerve-wracking than having to ask a girl to go with you to the prom.  But never fear, Emily is here – with more of our series Prom Prep 101.

In “Baseball Facts” this week, Matt explains Yogi-isms.

Sebastian has some Words of Wisdom about relationships.

D Block:  It’s something we do every day.  In fact, we’re supposed to do it several times a day.  And yet many of us just don’t do it right.  So, we assigned Jacelyn to brush up on the correct way to use a toothbrush. CC: HEALTH

Shane tells us one way to gauge if you’re happy.

E Block:  In “Speak of the Week”, Hannah finds out which Dr. Seuss book is the fav among teens.  CC: ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS

Sol tells us about a unique way Vienna, Austria is dealing with unairconditioned subway cars.

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