Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | May 17 th – May 24 th 2019

A BLOCK:  To star in an award-winning musical is certainly an achievement.  To be a successful recording artist is also quite an achievement.  But to do both before even turning 12 years old is simply: remarkable.  Ava introduces us to Izellah, who’s done all that…and more. CC: THEATER ARTS

B BLOCK:  If going to camp this summer is something you are considering, there are a lot of different types to choose from…day camps, sleepaways, ones that specialize in sports, the arts or even technology.  As Benjamin reports, there are even camps that allow you to design a personalized summer experience.

C BLOCK:  In “Make the Grade” this week, another student shares her best study tip: reading your notes out loud!  Research shows that doing so, can help you better remember things.

Our NRSF message this week reminds us that drinking and driving DON’T mix. CC: HEALTH

D BLOCK: In part one of our next story, Katie introduces us to a unique show that uses shadows to bring the ancient Persian culture to light.  She is backstage with the creator of the shadow theater presentation “Feathers of Fire”. Its part puppet show, part live actors, part animation and all incredible!  CC: SOCIAL STUDIES & THEATER ARTS

E BLOCK: In part two of our report on shadow theater, Katie gets a first-hand, look at the costumes, props and technology that bring “Feathers of Fire” to life.  And she gets reaction from some of the teens that got to see it. CC: SOCIAL STUDIES & THEATER ARTS