Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | March 6th – 13th, 2020

A BLOCK: In part one of Ava’s report, sponsored by the National Road Safety Foundation, we follow three Indiana teens as they turn their creative ideas, about the dangers of drinking and driving, into Public Service Announcements, that can help save lives.  And they are competing to take the top prize in the Drive Safe PSA Challenge.

B Block:  In part two of Ava’s report we get to see the three finished PSAs and find out who wins.

C Block:  In their day, they were the highest expression of art.  Towering edifices built of stone and glass: the cathedrals of Europe.  And among the most awesome, are the cathedrals of Spain.  Buckle your seatbelt, Nicole takes us on a whirlwind excursion in her “The Reign in Spain” report.   CC: GEOGRAPHY & HISTORY

D Block:  In “Make the Grade” Christin explains how chewing gum could help you get an A on your next test.

Sophia tells us about some of the great things rapper Jay-Z is doing for people around the world.

E Block: If you love cupcakes, don’t miss Katie’s “Kitchen Tip”! She shows us a much better way to eat them. CC: FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES

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