Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | March 13th – March 20th, 2020

A BLOCK: Public schools are mostly funded through local taxes, so when communities refuse to support higher taxes, schools get less money.  Sadly, electives like music classes are often eliminated.  As a result, more than a million students across the country can no longer study music in school.  And that’s why private programs that grant scholarships to study music are so important.  In this sponsored report, Ava tells us about one program that’s particularly “note”-worthy.  CC: THE ARTS

B Block:  You’ve probably heard of ADHD.  The difficulty to focus on tasks, along with the tendency to be overly active. A lot of kids have ADHD, 6 million in fact.  It’s a medical condition that you shouldn’t play with, or should you?  JACKIE explains in her report.  CC: HEALTH

In this week’s “Make the Grade” Christin has a study tip about working together.

The National Road Safety Foundation brings us an important reminder that distracted driving can be deadly.  CC: HEALTH

C Block: In her “Vive la France” report, Emily shows us what’s been called the eighth wonder of the world. Located about half a mile off the northwest coast of France, Mont Saint Michel is like something out of a fairy tale or a Disney theme park. CC: HISTORY

D Block:  How does an inexpensive everyday item become a highly prized valuable?  When people start collecting it. Sebastian tells us about one example: Beanie Babies. CC: SOCIOLOGY

Katie’s “Art Smart” report focuses on one of the best-known artists of the 20th century – Pablo Picasso. CC: ART HISTORY

E Block: Our recipe this week shows you how to spice up your lemonade.