Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | June 7th – June 14th, 2019

A BLOCK:  All around the world, the men and women serving in the U.S. Military are often called upon to put their lives on the line to protect our nation.  As Katie reports – the Girl Scouts have come up with a special way to say Thank You!  CC: SOCIAL STUDIES

B BLOCK:  Last week we showed you what it takes to turn a winning idea into a Public Service Announcement. And now you get to see the finished product in this report brought to you by the national Road Safety Foundation.CC: HEALTH & THE ARTS

C BLOCK:  In Make the Grade, Christin shows us how art can be an important tool for improving your memory, when it comes to studying.

Eric has the facts on Virginia’s state flag, in his Flag Facts report.  CC: HISTORY

D BLOCK: In UK OK!Nicole tells us about a British statesman who truly proved that the pen is mightier than the sword – Sir Winston Churchill. CC: HISTORY

In this week’s “Baseball Facts” Matt tells us about the player who holds the record for the highest lifetime batting average…and he’s held it for almost 100 years…Ty Cobb.  CC: HISTORY 

E BLOCK:  Speak of the Week gives teens a chance to be heard.  This week’s question is about books you read for pleasure. CC: ELA

If you’re stuck on what to wear to prom, Lauren has a unique idea for you. – make your own dress or tux – out of DuckTape.

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