Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | June 14th – June 22nd, 2019

A BLOCK:  When it comes to doing charitable work – you’re never too young.  And as Ava reports, there’s a teen in California who’s proving that in a very big way.  Kenan Pala started the non-profit organization, Kids4Community, when we was just 11 years old.

B Block:   For more than a hundred years, if you were a boy – you could join the Boy Scouts.  And if you were a girl, you could join the Girl Scouts.  But that’s now changing.  Girls are being allowed to join Boy Scout troops.  Our “Speak of the Week” question asks is that a good or bad idea?. CC: SOCIAL STUDIES

Sebastian tells us about the ironic original meaning of the word bully. CC: ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS

C Block:  Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the work you have to do for school?  Well, Christin’s got a “Make the Grade” tip that may make your homework a bit more enjoyable.

Shane tells us about a Wacky Law that outlaws kissing in a California town.  CC: SOCIAL STUDIES

Matt’s got a “Baseball Fact” about perfect games.

Kristina tells us about research that shows that art could help you de-stress.

Speeding is never a good idea, that’s why the national Road Safety Foundation has this important reminder.   CC: HEALTH

D Block:  We’re working on a series of stories about the dangers of smoking and using other forms of tobacco. Emily has this overview report.  CC: HEALTH

Want to venture a guess why Arizona would like to be your valentine?  Eric gets to the “heart” of the matter in this week’s “Flag Facts”.  CC: HISTORY

In WORD! you can test your knowledge of the words: debacle; dilate; and dire. CC: ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS

E Block:   Olivia’s “Jordan Journal” takes us the Amman, the country’s capital.  CC: GEOGRAPHY

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