Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | July 5th – July 12th, 2019

A BLOCK:  Concussions are all too common in sports.  And that’s why they’ve been getting so much attention in recent years. But as Emily reports, because of mis-information, many teens – and even adults – may be making these head injuries even worse.  CC: HEALTH

B BLOCK:   The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is one of the most visited sites in Washington DC, it’s also one of the most controversial, Ava explains. CC: SOCIAL STUDIES

C BLOCK:  This year, more than 2-million students will apply to college. But applying is actually a two way street.  Amelia has a two-part report on the best ways to learn about the colleges you are thinking about.  In part one, she gets advice from college expert Rob Franek on the importance of college visits. 

D BLOCK: In part two of her report on the college search, Amelia continues her discussion with Franek.  She gets some tips on the dos and don’ts at a college interview.

Drinking and driving don’t mix.  That’s why the National Road Safety Foundation brings us this important reminder.  CC: HEALTH

E BLOCK:  Beyonce and Rhianna – move over.  There’s a new singer on the circuit – who’s poised to become a world-wide Phenom.  And as Jackie reports – Izellah is still in middle school.   CC: PERFORMING ARTS

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