Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode – January 31 st – February 7 th , 2020

A BLOCK: Ava introduces us to two teens that dealt with adversity by moving into action, literally.  They started an organization that’s all about movement to help teens suffering from anxiety and depression.  CC: HEALTH   

B Block:  In this report sponsored by the National Road Safety Foundation, Katie tells us about a contest that’s a wakeup call to students. It raises awareness about the dangers of being sleepy behind the wheel of a car. CC HEALTH  

Sol explains us why summer months are the deadliest for teens.

C Block: Rob Franek is back with more advice about applying to college. This time, he gives Mikayla some tips about hoe to raise your SAT or ACT test scores.

D Block:  Katie tells us about an Australian Teen that taught her pet rabbit tricks and set a Guinness World Record!

Daniella explores whether an apple a day, really does keeps the doctor away. CC HEALTH  

E Block: We get a sneak peek at the movie Playing with Fire”, now available on Blu-ray and digital.

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