Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode January 24 – January 31, 2020

A BLOCK: It used to be that school sports were seasonal.  For example, you’d play soccer in the fall and baseball in spring.  But over the years, sports became more competitive.  To make the team, athletes are often training in their sport just about all year round. While that may make them better players, it’s also making them more likely to injure themselves by overuse. But as BENJAMIN reports, it’s not just overuse that is causing concern. CC: HEALTH

B Block:  It’s one of the best colleges in the country.  It’s free.  And its graduates help protect us all.  In part 1 of our special report, Kristina gives us an up-close look at the U.S. Naval Academy, where students learn to be leaders.

C Block: In part 2 of our report on the US Naval Academy we learn about some more of the traditions structure of the prestigious school.

Buckling your seatbelt takes only seconds…but the results of not wearing a seatbelt could last a lifetime. That’s why the National Road Safety Foundation brings us this important reminder.  CC: HEALTH

D Block:  Humans are natural born collectors.  No wonder collecting things like stamps or coins is so popular.  But wait till you find out what actress Reese Witherspoon collects.

In this week’s Make the Grade report, Christin brings us a study tip from a student in Georgia.

Katie tells us about the 14th century artists Giotto in her Art Smart report.CC: ART HISTORY

Katie explains why the Great Barrier Reef is facing it’s greatest barrier to survival.CC: SCIENCE

E Block: Aubrey shows us how to make Overnight Oats that are healthy and yummy.  CC: FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES

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