Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | February 21st – February 28th, 2020

A BLOCK: The recent scandal about parents cheating to get their kids into college has exposed some of the failings of the college admissions process.  Katie tells us more in her report.

B Block:  The SAT is not the only college entrance exam available for students applying to college. There is another option the ACT – but how do you choose which one is right for you?  Mikayla gets advice from college expert Rob Franek.

Speaking of getting into college, in our “Celebs Doing Good” segment, Shane tells us what basketball great Lebron James is doing to help at risk teens get into college.

C Block: How does an inexpensive everyday item become a highly prized valuable?  When people start collecting it. Lila explains how a doll that was originally priced at $3, can now sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The NRSF brings us this important message about the dangers of being a bully on the road.  CC: HEALTH

D Block:  In our “HooplaHa Pick of the Week”, Daniella tells us about two teens on a mission with a different approach to dealing with bullying.

In “Art Smart” Katie takes a look at the world’s most famous painting – the Mona Lisa.  She finds that there’s an awful lot that even art experts don’t know about. CC: ART & HISTORY

E Block: Ever wonder if an avocado – is it a fruit or a vegetable?  Well this week in our kitchen it’s a dessert.  Aubrey shows us how to make Avocado Pudding. CC: FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES

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