Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | February 14 th – February 21 st 2020

A BLOCK: The movie Imitation Game shows how computers were used to crack Nazi Enigma codes during WWII, giving the Allies a huge edge in the war. Since then, computers have moved from being military secrets…to devices we simply can’t live without. In part 1 of our special report, Ava shows us how we’re still finding new ways to use computers.  CC: TECHNOLOGY

B Block:  In part two of our report on super computing, Ava speaks with two attendees at the annual Super Computing Conference to find out how and why teens should attend. CC: TECHNOLOGY

The NRSF brings us another important message about the dangers of distracted driving. CC: HEALTH

C Block: Katie tells us about a Guinness World Record breaking wedding veil.

D Block:  Emily introduces us to a Rising Star that made history at 14 as the youngest performer to have a number one Billboard Dance Single…and continues to wow fans: Skylar Stecker.  CC: MUSIC & ART

E Block: Nicole shows us how to make a delicious snack that’s packed with taste and energy and will help keep you going all day long – Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars. CC: FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES

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