Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | December 20th – December 27th, 2019

A BLOCK: We grow up in a world with erasers on our pencils and undo keys on our computers. So, it’s no surprise if our natural default setting is to assume that anything we post online, can be un-posted.  But as Ava reports, that isn’t always true.    CC: TECHNOLOGY

B Block:  In the world of dance he was a giant.  In a nation that was still struggling with civil rights – he was an advocate for equality.   Katie reports on the man whose name has become synonymous with modern dance – Alvin Ailey!  CC: HISTORY & THE ARTS

Seatbelts save lives, that’s why The National Road Safety Foundation brings you this important message.  CC: HEALTH

C Block:  Sebastian explains how a ball player that most people don’t know: Honus Wagner, is on the world’s most valuable baseball card.

Christin is back with a timely study tip in her “Make the Grade” report.

Katie shows us a unique way to slice a cake in this week’s Kitchen Tip. CC: FAMILIES AND CONSUMER SCIENCES

D Block:  In “Vive la France”, Olivia takes us to one of the most beautiful buildings in the world – Sainte-Chapelle.  CC: HISTORY

Shane has some recommendations that are good for your health. CC: HEALTH

E Block:  In this report brought to us by, see some cool accessories for cars of the future. CC: TECHNOLOGY

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