Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | December 14th – December 21st 2018

A BLOCK:  A lot of teens have to learn how to manage asthma while playing a sport.  They use inhalers or other medications to keep their airways clear.  But some athletes have a different kind of breathing problem.  Benjamin reports on how doctors are helping them handle a rare condition with a very long name.  CC: HEALTH

Lauren explains how peppermint could be a good alternative to caffeine.  CC: HEALTH

B Block:  Ava tells us about a memorial in Washington, DC that pays tribute to those who fought in a war that has never officially ended and is often referred to as the Forgotten War.  CC: HISTORY

Our NRSF message this week shows that it’s not just teens that can be distracted while driving. CC: HEALTH

C Block:  Proms originally were a college event – but over the years it became the way to celebrate the end of high school.   Emily is back with more of our series Prom Prep 101.  This report is for the guys, as we focus on Tux Tips.

In Speak of the Week, Hannah asks: do you intend to go to college after high school?

D Block:  In Olivia’s Jordan Journal this week, we explore the River Jordan and the Dead Sea. CC: GEOGRAPHY

E Block:  In this report sponsored by we get a look at the latest cars on display at the LA Auto Show.  CC: TECHNOLOGY

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