Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | April 3rd – April 10th, 2020

A BLOCK: The ongoing top story in America is the Coronavirus – also called COVID-19. It’s caused sporting events, performances…even political primaries to be postponed.  It’s also caused business and schools to close.  Katie speaks with college expert Rob Franek for some guidance on how to keep from getting swamped in this unpresented wave of uncertainty.

B Block:  Some students go on field trips to places like museums, art exhibits, and state parks.  But Benjamin tells us about a group of students who took their field trip to the local dump. CC: SCIENCE

C Block:  Schoolwork, homework, studying…can sometimes be stressful.  And we can all use advice to help us strive for success.  So, here’s Christin, with this week’s Make the Grade.

It’s time for another important message about distracted driving, brought to you by the National Road Safety Foundation.  CC: HEALTH

D Block:  A lot of teens would love to be a famous singer like Beyonce or Khalid.  But to achieve that goal, it takes a lot of talent and hard work.  Emily introduces is to this week’s Rising Star, Longe, who had both.  CC: MUSIC

E Block: Some very famous people have some very unusual hobbies. Lila looks at what Penelope Cruz likes to collect.

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