Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | April 17 th – April 24 th , 2020

A BLOCK: In our top story, sponsored by the National Road Safety Foundation, Katie reports on an innovative drive to get teens to be safe on the road. It’s called the U Got Brains Champion Schools Program and it challenges teens in NJs to create a teen safe driving campaign in their school and community. In part one we see what three schools have come up with CC: HEALTH & FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES

B Block:  Katie continues her report on the U Got Brains competition, showing us what two more schools have come up with. CC: HEALTH & FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES

C Block: Every country has its special ways to eat.  Spain is no different.  In her “Reign in Spain” report, Nicole tells us about the art of diminutive dish dining.  CC: SOCIAL STUDIES

D Block:  Christin reports on whether the cost of a college degree is worth it, in this week’s “Make the Grade” report.

Daniella gives us insight on the best ways to snack – what to eat and when.  CC: HEALTH

Matt shares a Baseball Fact about the Sox Vs Cardinals.

E Block: Fletch shows us how to make homemade Mac & Cheese. CC: FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES

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