Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | August 24th – August 31th, 2019

A BLOCK:  We start our show with a special two-part report, sponsored by the National Road safety Foundation, which brings us to the state of Georgia.  In part one, Katie introduces us to the winner of the Drive Safe Atlanta PSA Contest…middle school student, Caleb Cheshire. CC: HEALTH & THE ARTS

B Block:  In part two of our special report, we continue our behind the scenes look at the making of a Public Service Announcement. CC: HEALTH & THE ARTS

C Block:  While it doesn’t happen often, we do sometimes lose a loved one or a pet. Dealing with our feelings can be tough.  Ava talks with an expert on how to cope with that grief.   CC: PSYCHOLOGY

D Block:  In our Jordan Journal, Olivia shows us the amazing city considered by many to be one of the 8 wonders of the modern world – the city of Petra. CC: HISTORY & GEOGRAPHY

E Block:  In this week’s Baseball Fact, Matt tells us who invented the sport.

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