Meet the amazing stars of Guinness World Records 2019!

Guinness World Records 2019 was officially out on globally on the 6 September, woop woop!

Once again it’s jam-packed with incredible achievements and fantastic features, and is bursting with loads of interesting facts.

As well as containing big food, odd talents, colossal collections and much more, this year Guinness World Records is looking beyond the record titles to the people themselves, and what drove their ambition to become Officially Amazing.

Everyone can dream big – but what does it take to be featured in the big book? Let’s meet the stars of Guinness World Records 2019 and find out!

Sumiko Iwamuro aka Sumirock

SumiRock - Oldest DJ

Sumiko Iwamuro (aka Sumirock) from Japan DJs well into the night at a club in Shinjuku, Tokyo – at the age of 83 years and 118 days! Wow!

This has earned her the record for Oldest professional club DJ.

Sumiko runs a Chinese restaurant and works as a cook by day, but swaps her spatula for sequins once or twice a month to DJ at Club Decabar Z.

Matt Denton

Mantis - Largest Rideable Hexapod

Matt Denton (UK) holds the record for Largest rideable hexapod robot (that’s a walking six-legged robot to you and me!) which measures in at a colossal 2.8m x 5m (9ft 2in x 16ft 4in) and weighs almost two tonnes.

Matt was inspired as a child by the AT-ATs from Star Wars, also says LEGO® helped him be creative as a child.

“LEGO Technic sets… fired up my imagination as a child. I probably wouldn’t be doing what I do now without them.”

Matt built many smaller walking machines – one of them ended up as a six-legged tortoise in a Harry Potter movie!

Matt has even worked on Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, and won an award for his work on the BB8 robot.

“My younger self, there is no way that they could believe it, that I would end up working on a film and building a giant walking machine!”

Betty Goedhart

Betty Goedhart - Oldest Trapeze Artist

Betty (US) has always been active, and since visiting a circus with her parents at a young age, was amazed by trapeze artists.

(Trapeze artists are people who swing on a bar suspended by ropes, and perform lots of different moves and flips.)

However, she never had the chance to try it until she was 78.

But, being Betty, she seized the opportunity – and bar – with both hands.

She now holds the record for the Oldest performing flying trapeze artist (female), aged 84 years 249 days.

Feather and Geronimo

Feather_ Geronimo

Feather and Geronimo are two very special rescue dogs.

Their owner, Samantha Valle (US), is on a mission to change people’s attitudes about rescue dogs.

Her love for training has seen her earn two Guinness World Records titles for Feather and Geronimo.

Feather, a two-year-old female greyhound, holds the record for Highest jump by a dog, managing a dizzying 191.7 cm (75.5 in) with ease.

Geronimo is 2 year old female Border Collie and Kelpie cross, and like Feather, loves jumping. She holds the record for Most double dutch-style skips by a dog in one minute, achieving 113 jumps.

Tom Bagnall

Tom Bagnall - Fastest Jet Powered Go Kart

Tom (UK), holds the record for Fastest speed in a jet-propelled go-kart, which has achieved a staggering speed of 112.29 mph (180.72 km/h).

“When I was growing up I was into engineering and making things… I’ve been building all types of crazy contraptions from a young age – I’ve just got the bug for speed!”

Barry John Crowe

Barry John Crowe - Most Sausages Made In A Minute

Barry John Crowe holds the record for Most sausages produced in one minute.

Since he was 10 Barry has been making sausages at his father’s shop in Ireland.

He has won awards for his sausage making skills from the age of 13 and has invented various sausage flavours, from cheddar cheese and chilli flakes to chip shop curry.

After feeling that he could top the previous record of 60, he got the timer out and managed to craft 78 sausages.

Elizabeth Bond

Betsy Bond - Largest Knitting Needles

Elizabeth Bond, otherwise known as Betsy, is an art student from the UK who holds the record for Largest knitting needles, which measure in at 4.42 m (14 ft 6.33 in).

Betsy’s love of creating things started at a young age, and was sparked by her mum’s DIY home art projects.

“I always had a drive to be creative, and design and make. That was from mum constantly encouraging us with left-over loo roll tubes and empty washing up bottles to create and build!”