Meet Bilaal Rajan: UNICEF’s youngest fundraiser and advocate

At first glance, Bilaal Rajan would seem like a normal 20 year old. But, this Richmond Hill boy started changing the world when he was only four years old, Then, he sold fruit to fundraise for disaster relief in India. Now, he’s a published author, UNICEF Canada Ambassador, motivational speaker, and a boy who’s raised over 5 million dollars for children’s causes worldwide.

Bilaal has done almost countless things to better his community and the world. When he was four, he raised $350 for disaster relief selling clementines to his neighbors. He then sold decorative plates from HIV/AIDS relief in Africa, and when he was 8, he convinced large companies to donate money and food to disaster relief in Haiti. He also raised thousands for tsunami relief in East Asia, and the government of Ottawa matched every dollar he made. At the age of 12, he published a book to encourage young Canadians to be activists and make change in their communities.

Bilaal has been working hard to benefit places and issues all over the word for more than 15 years. Not only has he raised millions for global causes, but he is a motivational speaker and writer who inspires others to create change. Bilaal clearly believes that we live in a Global Village – He takes care of and works to help people in danger from all over the world. His actions are directly making the world a better place.

Bilaal has succeeding in almost every mission he’s ever set out on. For instance, when he heard about a tsunami in Southeast Asia, he made it his mission to help.

Single-handedly, he raised $50 000 for the cause. But for him, this was not enough. He gave talks at schools, sold handmade crafts, and talked to companies. Soon, he raised over $2 million dollars. Still, he wanted to do more. Partnering with UNICEF Canada, he went on a trip to Southeast Asia to meet and help those affected by the disaster.

This is only a story of one of his successes – he’s also a published author, motivation speaker, and became UNICEF’s youngest ever ambassador at age 8 – but this story in particular shows what a global citizen he truly is.

Probably the biggest obstacle for Bilaal is the fact that he was only 12 years old when his fundraising efforts reached a peak. At the time, he had to balance motivational speaking, publishing a book, traveling as a UNICEF Ambassador, and taking Grade 8 courses at St. Andrew’s. While he was working for his causes, he missed 10 weeks of school. The two sides of his life – work and school- were difficult to balance, but he still managed a 91% average in his Grade 8 classes through the power of hard work.

Bilaal is a young entrepreneur who will make a difference and influence others to get involved well into the future, not only here, but throughout the world. As he likes to say, “Together, we can make a difference.”

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