How to Make the Most of a College Visit

When you think of a family trip, you probably think of amusement parks, historic sites, or natural wonders, like a national park. But there’s something else you might take in on your next trip, a college tour.

While this is usually something high school juniors and seniors do, it doesn’t hurt to visit some schools even if you’re still in middle school.

Especially if you happen to be visiting a part of the country that takes a lot of time and money to get to. if there’s a college or university you’ve heard about in the area, ask your parents if there’s time for a side trip.

Go to the school’s website and check their schedule. many colleges have tours throughout the year. and they’re free.

College tours are usually led by students – who have lots of inside information about campus life. You are never too young to take advantage of what we call the three “vees” of college prep: Visit, View, Visualize

  • Visit…so you get a feel for the area
  • View…so you see what college life there is like.
  • Visualize… see if you can imagine yourself as a student there.

And here’s one more “vee”: Very.

if you don’t wait until the last minute to start checking out schools, you’ll be very happy when application time finally rolls along.