How to handle homework meltdowns

Your baseball game ran into overtime …so you were late getting home…it’s already nine o’clock… and you have a massive paper due in the morning.  sounds like you’re about to have a…Melt down!!!!

It is going to be tough. but here’s what study experts suggest you do

  • Take a deep breath.
  • (means create a schedule for the night)
  • (means assigning a specific block of time for each section of the paper)

You need to be realistic about how long you can sit at your desk without a break and take short refreshing breaks – maybe 15 minutes each.  Use the time to get a healthy snack, take a shower and maybe even do some sit-ups.

If you can trust yourself – it’s okay to check your facebook or instagram.  But don’t let what supposed to be a short mental health break turn into a wasted half-hour – or worse.

Keep on mind, you have two goals, to write the best paper you can and and to get enough sleep so that you’re not dragging through class the next day.

A wise grandmother liked to say “an hour before midnight is worth two after dawn!”  (I wonder if they had AP courses when she was a kid…).