These Are The ‘Most Hated’ Words in the English Language

No, we’re not talking about “homework,” “responsibility” or anything else that implies you’ll have to make an enormous effort when you’d rather be doing something else. Instead, we’re talking about words that give you a feeling of real disgust.

1. Moist

Moist is by far the clear winner when it comes to least favorite words. Plus, moist has been around since at least 1325 A.D., which means people have had plenty of time to get sick of its use.

2. Flap

It can be used to refer to a bird in flight, or extra skin, or, you get the idea. Flap is a word that generally is voted relatively high as being a less than desirable word choice.

3. Whatever

According to Marist Poll Results, the word “whatever” consistently scores as the most annoying word in the English language.

People of all ages and backgrounds use the word. It is a common way for people to express their frustration with something they don’t understand or can’t explain.

Wikipedia defines “whatever” as “a slang term meaning ‘whatever you say, ‘I don’t care what you say or ‘what will be will be.’ The term is used either to dismiss a previous statement and express indifference or in affirmation of a previous statement as ‘whatever will be will be.’”

 4. Dude

The word “dude” seems to be loved or hated by people. Those who love to use the term have seemingly made it applicable to any and all situations. For example, “dude” can be used to refer to a male or a female. It can also be used to get someone’s attention. The extensive range of uses has annoyed others, making it one of the nine most hated words in the English language.

5. Like

The girls from the movie Clueless were exceptionally skilled in their use of the word like, and many teenage girls soon followed suit. Unfortunately, it has made its way into some people’s daily usage as a filler word with no real purpose. 

6. Literally

I literally had no idea the word literally would end up on this list. This is another word that some people love or hate. Again, some people use the word literally, like literally way too much.

7. Flaccid

Oxford Languages defines flaccid as “soft and hanging loosely or limply, especially so as to look or feel unpleasant.” For example, “she took his flaccid hand in hers.” Read that example aloud, and you will see why the word is so hated.

8. Panties

The word panties in itself is innocuous, but for some reason, it gives some people an uncomfortable feeling. An innocent name for female underwear, panties just rub some people the wrong way.

9. Pus

Pus is a word used to define a thick yellow fluid type matter produced by the body as an inflammatory response to an infection. While the fluid is the byproduct of our bodies’ response to an infection, it’s no wonder why the word has made our list. Even hearing the word can cause some people to squirm in their seats.

10. Trump

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?” Racist, Incompetent, liar, unqualified, January 6th, covid misinformation…

11. Covid-19

A large number of people are clearly resentful of the virus and how it has overtaken our vocabulary. No matter how necessary or socially and medically useful this word is, we cannot help but wish we could banish that word along with the virus itself. 

So next time you are having a conversation with your friends or teacher or are about to send that email, double-check the words used are not part of this list. You never know who may have an adverse reaction to your usage of one of them.

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