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The Secret Of The Mona Lisa: The Most Mysterious Painting In The World  

Mona Lisa is probably one of Leonardo da Vinci’s one of the most iconic works. This half-length portrait painting is undoubtedly one of the most visited and talked about work of art. But, do you know what is her peculiar power? TKN reporter Katie explores some of the mysteries about the world’s most famous painting. Watch our Full report below.

Here are more interesting facts about he Mona Lisa:

  • Napoleon once had Mona Lisa hanging in his bedroom in the Tuileries Palace for about four years, beginning in 1800. It’s said his fascination with the painting inspired his affection for a pretty Italian named Teresa Guadagni, who was actually a descendant of Lisa Gherardini.
  • The Mona Lisa is essentially priceless. In the 1960s, the painting went on a tour where it was given an insurance valuation of $100 million (factoring in inflation, more recent assessment estimated it’s worth $2.5 billion). But the policy was never taken out because the premiums were more than the cost of the best security.
  • The Mona Lias has been attacked again in 2022. A man who seems to have been disguised as an old woman in a wheelchair threw a piece of cake at the Mona Lisa in Paris.
  • At the time of World War II, ‘Mona Lisa‘ was dislocated from its place 6 times so as to keep it out of the hands of the Nazis. 
  • People claim that ‘Mona Lisa’ is a female representation of Da Vinci himself. However, the most popular theory about the painting states that it is the portrait of Lisa Gherardini,an Italian noblewoman from Florence. 
  • The original name of the painting was ‘Monna Lisa’ as ‘Monna’ in Italian means ‘Our Lady’. However, because of a spelling error, it was titled as ‘Mona Lisa’. 
  • Men have died from loving her. In 1852, an artist named Luc Maspero who was fascinated by the smile and charm of ‘Mona Lisa’, threw himself from the fourth floor of a Parisian hotel, leaving a suicide note that revealed his immense love and years of wait for her. 
  • A face recognition software once claimed that the portrait of ‘Mona Lisa‘ is 83% happy, 9% disgusted, 6% fearful and 2% angr

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