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The first ‘Hawkeye’ trailer is finally out – watch it here

Hawkeye is the last MCU TV show to hit Disney Plus this year. Coincidentally, Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) is the last of the original six Avengers to get a standalone story. That’s after Black Widow hit theaters a few months ago, bringing the Natasha Romanoff story fans have been asking for. Unlike Nat (Scarlett Johansson), Clint Barton isn’t getting a movie. But as the previous MCU Disney Plus shows proved, Marvel can deliver entertaining stories in this format. Loki is, perhaps, the best example of that. That said, we have no idea what to expect from Hawkeye, other than Clint passing the bow and arrow to a Young Avenger. That’s why we’re so excited about the first Hawkeye trailer for the TV show. And Marvel finally just released it.

The rumors all said that Hawkeye will train Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) in the TV show. Then we got a few official teasers from Marvel, including a Renner interviewthat confirmed it all. Bishop is a big Hawkeye fan, and she’ll likely appear in new Young Avengers team-ups down the road. But we had no idea what sort of existential threat Bishop and Barton will face in the TV show. Neither Renner nor Steinfeld has offered any details surrounding the Hawkeye plot.

The first Hawkeye trailer is finally live

Unlike Black Widow, we do know that the action in Hawkeye takes place after the snap. Therefore, the Avengers story is moving forward with this adventure rather than filling in the gaps of the past stories. And Hawkeye will probably tell us how Clint Barton retires now that he got his family back.

Renner took to his Instagram account over the weekend to say the first Hawkeyetrailer will arrive on Monday. Steinfeld then doubled down on her own social media accounts. These moves seemed highly coordinated with Marvel. You don’t tease this sort of event unless Marvel is ready to start the marketing campaign for the TV show.

Hawkeye hits Disney Plus beginning on November 24th, a few weeks after the Eternals premiere and a few weeks before the Spider-Man: No Way Home release. What’s really exciting about the TV show is that it might share a scene with the latter. Some of the action in No Way Home will overlap with Hawkeye. Earlier reports said that both productions shot scenes at the same location. But it’s unclear how and how or why these stories are connected. Still, this sort of Easter egg helps Marvel weave a new web of interconnected stories and tie Hawkeye to the current events, including all the multiverse developments.

Rumors aside, the first trailer gives us a look at the two characters and the post-Endgame world. It also teases what the two will have to face. 

By Chris Smith

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