The Book of Boba Fett Finale: Episode 7’s ending, post-credits scene explained

This STAR WARS: THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT article contains spoilers.

In The Book of Boba Fett’s final episode, Boba and his pals go to war against the Pyke Syndicate on the Mos Espa streets. There’s plenty of action, explosions, a huge death, and even an appearance from everyone’s favorite big-eyed, big-eared, green fellow. Let’s don our beskar armor and step into the torrent of SPOILERS for Chapter 7.

Setting up the Final Fight

The episode opens with Fett and Fennec surveying the ruins at Garsa Fwip’s Sanctuary, where a bomb was set off in last week’s episode. Garsa is apparently dead. With the bar gone and little help on the way, Mos Espa’s people are its only true sanctuary.

Skad and Drash, the de facto leaders of the Mods gang, urge Fett to stay and fight here in the city, rather than retreating back to the palace. Din Djarin is confident Cobb Vanth and the people of Freetown will come to their aid. The Mandalorians don’t yet know that Vanth’s been shot.

At night, in Mos Eisley, Cad Bane meets with the Pykes, whose leader confirms it was they who slew the Tuskens we fell in love with back in episode two, “The Tribes of Tatooine.” Even Bane is taken aback by their ruthlessness. The cowardly Mayor Mok Shaiz is in hiding with the Syndicate, but pleads for a deescalation of the violence; he says he never authorized the bombing at the bar.

Next day,Boba’s Gamorrean guards, Krrsantan and the Mods spread out across the city to keep an eye on the three crime families. Cad Bane, meanwhile, approaches the bar. “I thought I smelled something,” says Boba. “If you’re looking for a job, you’re late.”

“I’ve already got a job,” Cad says.

“I don’t negotiate with gutless murderers.”

Bane tells Fett he “paid Marshal Vanth a visit.” So reinforcements may not be coming after all. Boba should simply allow the spice trafficking in Mos Espa to continue if he wants to avoid further bloodshed.

“I will only negotiate with the head of the Pyke Syndicate,” says Fett.

“You mean the one that massacred your Tusken family and blamed it on a speed bike gang?”

Fennec warns Boba that now isn’t the time to fight Bane; he’s emotional as well as outnumbered.

The Return of Grogu

Luke Skywalker’s X-wing plops down in Peli Motto’s garage, piloted by R2 and with Grogu alone seated in the cockpit. Peli excitedly welcomes back the “kid,” takes notice of its fancy Beskar mail, and quickly gets some dung worms into his hungry belly.

All Hell Breaks Loose

The war finally hits the streets as the three houses draw weapons and break their neutrality pact. Trandoshans dogpile Krrsantan, Klatooinians throw the Gamorreans off a cliff and the Mods get pinned down by blasterfire—at least till Fennec shows up and saves their skins.

Outside the Sanctuary, the mayor’s former majordomo greets the Pykes and delivers a message Fett typed into a datapad: “You will leave this planet and your spice trade. If you refuse these terms, the arid sands of Tatooine will once again flourish with flowered fields fertilized with the bodies of your dead.”

As the Pykes draw their guns on the Twi’lek, Fett and Din soar through the air with their jetpacks and open fire. They fight back-to-back on the ground as the Syndicate’s forces press the attack. When they look as though they may fall, the people of Freetown arrive in an armored landspeeder.

“You didn’t have to come here,” Mando tells Freetown’s barkeep.

“Yes, we did,” says the Weequay. “The planet deserves better.”

Hearing blasterfire, the Mods return to the bar, followed by Krrsantan, who’s badly wounded. Boba promises him a long soak in the bacta pod before taking off to get something he left back at the palace. The Syndicate’s hired guns eventually retreat, and a pair of Scorpenek annihilator droids, heavily shielded, march on Fett’s gathering of warriors.

Rancor Unleashed

Just as the pair of war machines appear indestructible, Fett returns astride his massive rancor, which slaps the droids around and damages their shields.

Once the first Scorpenek is weakened, Mando manages to slip inside its energy shield and deliver a blow with the Darksaber. But then it rears up to crush him—and Grogu uses the Force to hold it back just long enough for Boba’s rancor to tear the machine to pieces. After Fett and his mount dismember the second war droid, they take out the rest of the local Pyke forces, as well.

Later rancor rampages through the city, Mando tries and fails to tame it. The beast bites down on Din’s helmet and then tosses him aside. So Grogu marches into the street and stares the monster down. The child raises a hand and uses the Force to touch its mind, soothing it and, eventually, lulling it to sleep. Grogu strokes the creature’s snout and falls asleep beside it. This rancor and Grogu final scene was pretty adorable.

Cad Bane’s end?

With the battle droids in pieces, Cad finally face off with Boba.

“Don’t toy with me anymore, I’m not a boy anymore,” Boba tells Cad, “you’re an old man!”

Cad is quite the quick draw, blasting Boba down. Standing over him, and ripping his helmet off, it looks like Cad has the upper hand, giving his apprentice his “final lesson”: “Look out for yourself, anything else is weakness.” At which point Boba stabs Cad with a Tusken raider staff, taking out all his anger, and avenging the death of Cobb Vanth. And right there, as Cad had indicated, Boba, in all his brutality, is the bounty hunter we once imagined.

Is Cade really dead? Hard to tell. The red light from his chest doesn’t stop blinking which could mean he is still alive.

Meanwhile, Fennec stabs the Pykes’ representative on Tatooine, blasts Jabba’s former lieutenants and garrottes the mayor of Mos Espa. Pretty much it is Boba’s town now.

Mid-credits bacta dip

In a mid-credits scene, we find the surgeon who resurrected Fennec earlier in the season. He’s preparing to operate on someone in Fett’s old bacta tank—Cobb Vanth, marshal of Freetown.

Easter Eggs

Bane and Boba have a history together, dating back to The Clone Wars animated series. This past was directly referenced in the finale, with the two trading insults from the moment they set eyes on each other. Before the series was canceled, a planned arc later shown as an unfinished version at Star Wars celebration was set to show Cad Bane taking Boba under his wing.

Grogu uses the Force to ease the rancor to sleep in a method that seems similar, but not identical to, a Jedi mind trick. Grogu might end up being a Jedi after all.

The Pykes’ Droideka-Esque Weapons  were very similar to the droidekas seen throughout the prequel trilogy. The general body shape, including distinct legs and unique way of moving, was almost identical to the droidekas that once went up against Jedi like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Anakin Skywalker. The shield was arguably the most obvious similarity, with a blue halo surrounding the droids to protect them from blaster fire.

After the Pykes were driven off of Tatooine, the people of Freetown, a rancor and, of course, Grogu, Fett walked the now-thriving streets of Mos Espa with Fennec. As they were talking, they were gifted a piece of meiloorun fruit, the same sweet snack seen in Star Wars Rebels.

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