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Teen dating Mechanic Explains How Social Media Affects Your Love Life 

While social media has its benefits—staying in touch with those we love, networking, or meeting new friends—our lives online can affect the dynamic of a relationship. We asked Teen dating mechanic Lisa expert and author Leslie Jander to explain how Social Media affect dating and what can you do about it. Watch our full report below 👇

Here are some extra tips about how not let social media ruin your Relationship:

Don’t let social media dictate your actions as a couple.

Go to places that you want to visit, do the activities that you enjoy, and eat the food that you like. Don’t let social media dictate what you will do as a couple. For example, don’t go to places that are eye candy to post on your accounts just to gain more likes and comments.

Don’t use your partner’s social media accounts to bring back the past.

Aside from preventing yourself from being paranoid with simple likes and harmless comments, also don’t use your partner’s social media accounts to bring back the past. So you found this post of your partner about his ex way back five years ago. What would you do? Will you doubt your partner’s love for you? What he or she posted in the past does not reflect what is true in the present; it reflects what was true in the past. So, don’t stalk your partner’s account to destroy what you have now.

Do not entertain others with your life.

Don’t let social media make you take a shot at even the most mundane things in you and your partner’s everyday life. Sometimes, managing an account makes you feel like you need to consistently update everyone. The good news? You don’t. Remember that you are spending time with your partner to enjoy his or her company and to get to know him or her more. It isn’t your goal to entertain others with your life. 

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