Sydney Sweeney is Secretly an Accomplished Mechanic 

Scroll through Sydney Sweeney’s well-curated Instagram page, and you will see a grid of red carpet photos in high-end fashions, promotional materials for one of her hit shows, and modeling shots from her growing list of magazine covers. At first glance, Sweeney seems like your classic Hollywood girly girl, happy to play dress up in designer clothes and show off her luxurious life on Instagram. But it has recently come to our attention that her Instagram page doesn’t accurately show off every facet of Sweeney’s life and interests. In fact, she has another social media account, a TikTok where she shares her other, very different passion: restoring vintage cars.

Over the weekend, a tweet discovering Sweeney’s TikTok page, @syds_garage, went viral. From there, fans of the actress were able to explore on their own. The account, which boasts over 456,000 followers, shows Sweeney “working on [her] vintage dream car,” as the bio of the page suggests and it depicts the journey of Sweeney fixing up a 1969 Ford Bronco. 

According to her TikTok, Sweeney bought the car in February 2021. From there, she began to share the journey of restoring it. In various video montages, we see Sweeney removing the roof of the car, tightening tires, and screwing various bolts in a very official-looking manner. In one video, she explains that she is completely replacing the transmission of the car to make it automatic “so it can be an easier daily driver.”


only a few more weeks till it’s ready to be put back together! #TikTokCars #cartiktok #bronco

♬ Young – Vacations

From Sweeney’s videos, it’s clear she’s passionate about the project and knows what she is talking about. While working on the car, she also heavily embraces mechanic-core, trading out her designer digs for overalls, grease-stained painter pants, and backward hats. This isn’t an act, Sweeney is very dedicated to this process and she is not afraid to get her hands dirty.


got myself an original 1969 bronco

♬ Myself – Bazzi

As of this weekend, Sweeney revealed the Bronco is finally driveable, though it’s not done quite yet. “Sending her off to get reupholstered this weekend,” she wrote in the caption. It won’t be long before Deux Moi starts receiving spottings of Sweeney cruising around LA in her vintage cherry red Bronco.

By Carolyn Twersky

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