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Surprising BBQ Facts You Haven’t Heard Before 

There’s no other style of food quite like barbecue. When a piece of meat spends hours upon hours inside a smoker, something magical happens, and the resulting product has inspired more fierce and passionate devotion than just about any other type of food on earth. But whether you’re a connoisseur or just an occasional rib-eater, we bet that there are some things you didn’t know about this wonderful style of cuisine. TKN Daniells explains on her next report below:

Here are more extra facts:

  •  The first mention of a “barbecue” in America dates from 1733, when Benjamin Lynde of Salem, Massachussetts, wrote in his diary on August 31st, “Fair and hot; Browne; Barbacue. hack overset.” Which sounds like he went to a barbecue with Mrs. Brown, or… there was Bobby Brown sauce.
  • In an early BBQ-politics tie-in, supporters of our seventh President, Andrew Jackson (nicknamed “Old Hickory” because he was as tough as hickory wood), distributed hickory toothpicks and canes at, you guessed it, hickory-fired barbecues.
  • Barbecue in America dates back to the Colonial era; even Washington himself attended barbecues. In 1769, the notoriously bad speller wrote of attending a “barbicue” in Alexandria, Virginia.
  • The world’s longest barbecue was 80 hours. In Georgia, Jan Greeff cooked 1,000 hot dogs, 200 pieces of corn, and more to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
  • Baby-back ribs got their name because they’re shorter than spare ribs.
  • While we’re talking about pork meat, there are four different types of pork ribs. Spare ribs are the most common, and come from the underbelly of the pig; St. Louis-style are similar to spare ribs, but the breastbone is removed; country-style have the highest meat-to-bone ratio; and baby-back have the least fat.
  • Long before anyone pulled up and asked for a Sausage-Egg McMuffin, McDonald’s was originally a barbecue drive-in, called… “McDonald’s Bar-B-Que.”

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