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Star Wars: the Bad Batch Episode 5 has a big comeback from the Jedi Connection

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 5, “Rampage,” streaming now on Disney+.

In an action-packed third act fight sequence, Omega frees Muchi from his cage, and the already massive teenage grudge absolutely destroys the Zygerrian thugs and takes down their pet Brezak in a mini-kaiju fight. 

Grudge actually saves the day for a change!

The episode ends with Muchi’s safe return to Bib, who lovingly caresses the “little” grudge that is now happily back under Jabba’s auspices. The infamous Hutt criminal organization is known for its cruelty and greed, but these crooks are certainly kind to resentments.

Watch out for that door! Lucasfilm

If this episode triggered Return of the Jedi alarm bells in your head, it’s for good reason: Muchi and his backstory will likely remind viewers of the original trilogy’s own grudge, which clashed with Luke Skywalker and wasted a lot of time. You might even have made the mistake of thinking that Muchi was mentioned in Return of the Jedi’s grudge, the Twi’lek and Gamorrean-eating monster destined to die under Jabba’s palace. But Muchi is a completely different grudge.

The grudge in Return of the Jedi is called Pateesa, who is actually male. But since this movie is set in 4 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin), does that mean Muchi, who we meet about 23 years before Episode VI , will eventually become Pateesa’s mother? No, according to the Ultimate Star Wars Reference Book (via Wookieepedia), Bib gave Jabba Pateesa as a birthday present “before or during 32 BBY”, more than a decade before the events of The Bad Batch . This means that Pateesa is either older than Muchi at this point, or at least the same age as the Female Resentment, who is portrayed as a teenage girl in the episode.

So if Muchi isn’t Jabba’s palace grudge in Return of the Jedi , where did Bib and his Gamorrean guards take her at the end of the episode? We don’t know at this time, but it stands to reason that Jabba probably enjoys keeping several of these “pets.” You never know when someone might need to be eliminated …

With Muchi the Rancor, Bib Fortuna, Gamorreans, and a brief mention of Jabba, “Rampage” becomes a pretty nostalgic celebration for Return of the Jedi fans. And The Empire Strikes Back Lovers also get a fun reminder: Ord Mantell, the planet the episode takes place on, was briefly mentioned in the movie as the location where Han met one of the hunters. bonus from Jabba before the film begins. Cared for!

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