Selena Gomez earns Latin Grammy nomination

Selena Gomez has been a star since her early beginnings on Barney and Friends. After transitioning to Disney and recording music, she slowly left her music group and embarked on a solo career that led her to record Spanish music. While she has received mainstream success in the music industry, she never received much critical acclaim. Now after the release of her Spanish-language EP, Revelación, Selena has been nominated for her first Grammy at the Latin Grammys. Here is more information about it.

Selena Gomez recorded Spanish music?

Selena released her Spanish language album back on March 12, 2021. It was her first album since her last album release in January 2020 release, Rare. While she is not a native Spanish speaker, she took the pandemic time to practice her skills. With it, the lead single, De Una Vez, was recorded, and earned her a nomination in the Best Short Form Music Video category.

Selena spoke to Rolling Stone about how recording Spanish music gave her more confidence. With the Grammy nomination under her belt now, it goes to show getting outside your comfort zone truly helps for the better.

She worked with a translator and a vocal coach during that period extensively. From that work, her Spanish album has received critical acclaim and her new nomination.

Although it is a Spanish album, it is easy to tell the emotion and ease in what Selena is portraying in her Spanish album. After everything Selena Gomez has gone through in recent memory, a Grammy nomination was a long time coming.

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