Remembering Mac Miller: 10 of his best songs

The late Mac Miller passed away at the age of 26, but the Pittsburgh rapper has left some fans to reminisce on the legacy the artist left behind.

If you haven’t listened to Mac Miller, here are ten of his greatest songs to get you started.

10. “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza”

Mac Miller’s 2014 mixtape, “Faces,” featured the rapper at his loosest. The eerie, self-For many of us, this song was our first introduction to Mac, and it perfectly captures his blend of positive vibes and clever wordplay. Paired with an iconic video, this track gave us our first glimpse into Mac Miller’s personality. Playful, relatable, and funny, Mac delivers smooth bars over a sample of Lord Finesse’s “Hip 2 Da Game.”

9. “I Just Wanna” (Chief Keef feat. Mac Miller)

 “REMember” is not only a dedication to his late friend, Ruben Eli Mitrani, who passed away the year before, but kicks off a series of melancholic spins (one of which we’ll get to a bit later) wherein Miller debuts his creaky, wailing singing voice.

8. The Question ft. Lil Wayne

This song truly captures everything Mac Miller is about. The trippy instrumental paired with Mac’s thought-provoking lyrics and Lil Wayne’s impeccable verse takes you on an existential journey, forcing you to wonder what life is really all about. If you ask me, introspective Mac is the best Mac, and this song proves it.

6. “We,” feat. Cee-Lo Green (2016)

Long past the carefree party rap that laid the foundation for his career, Mac had spent the last few years mining his darkest artistic impulses; this was his turn back towards the light. “We,” which lets Cee-Lo float in as an ethereal presence at the three-quarter mark before exclaiming “You’ve got to deal with Mac Miller, bitchhhh” with a laugh to close out the track, is a confidently laconic piece of songwriting. 

5. “Another Night”

This song came off of his mixtape “The High Life.” “Another Night” is about relaxing at home, working and not getting out much.

“Another Night” is another smooth song with a catchy hook. Relaxing and hanging out with friends is relatable to his listeners.

Notable lyrics: “Cause it’s just another night on my own, Layin back as I light up my Dro,

It’s just another night alone.”

4. “Nikes on my Feet”

“Nikes On My Feet” came off the mixtape “K.I.D.S.” and was one of Miller’s earliest hits. Sneakers and the rap community sometimes go hand in hand, and he discusses his swag in this hit.

The song samples Nas’ “World is Yours” and is about the shoes Miller keeps on his feet.

Notable lyrics: “I got a closet filled with shoe boxes. Mom says my spending habit a little bit obnoxious, but a pilot stay fresh up in his cockpit.”

3. “Good News”

This song is as beautiful as it is heartbreaking. As much as it feels like Mac’s farewell to our world, there’s also an unshakable feeling of hope, a sense that Mac is smiling down on us from the beyond, finally united with the peace of mind he always craved. Whether he found the answers to the questions that tormented him, or simply freed himself from their grasp, we will never know, but when he says “there’s a whole lot more for me waiting on the other side,” we have no choice but to take his word for it.

2. “Weekend,” feat. Miguel

A standout on GO:OD AM, this is one of many tracks where Mac gets really honest. “I been having trouble sleeping / Battling these demons / Wondering what’s the thing that keeps me breathing / Is it money, fame or neither.”

1. ” The Star Room.”

On the introductory track of his sophomore album, “Watching Movies With the Sound Off,” Miller delves into his own psyche and illustrates his enduring self-awareness.

“The Star Room” sees Miller adopt a malignant alter-ego named Delusional Thomas and explore the danger of his own addictions, namely feeling trapped in the “purgatory” of his own mind. While Miller was just 21 years old when this album was released, “The Star Room” is a bold and expressive confrontation of his own demons. 

Extra: “My Favorite Part” feat. Ariana Grande

Mac and Ariana bring out the gentler sides of each other here, both delivering vocals perfectly paired with the groovy and soulful production.

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