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Real School Shooting Survivors Tell Their Stories

The tragic impact of a school shooting affects the loved ones of those who were killed and survivors, like those in the Teenage Dream PSA, carry mental and emotional wounds – beyond the physical scars – that never truly heal. Hear how their teenage years were impacted by the trauma of surviving a school shooting.

Aalayah Eastmond | Parkland, Florida 2018

Hid under body of classmate to survive a shooting.

Nick Walczak | Chardon, Ohio 2012

Shot three times. Paralyzed from waist down.

Mia Page-Tretta | Santa Clarita, California 2019

Shot in the stomach. Best friend killed beside her.

Samantha Fuentes | Parkland, Florida 2018

Bullet fragments remain in her face and legs.

Chase Yarbrough | Santa Fe, Texas 2018

Shot six times. A bullet remains in his heart.

Emma Nees | Rockford, Washington 2017

Shot through the abdomen while running from shooter.

Hannah Dysinger | Draffenville, Kentucky 2018

The bullet that killed her best friend ended up in her ribcage.

Carlitos Rodriguez | Parkland, Florida 2018

Barricaded himself behind a door. 17 students were killed.

Alexander Dworet | Parkland, Florida 2018

Survived being shot in the head. His older brother Nick was killed.

Isabelle Laymance | Santa Fe, Texas 2018

Hid in closet with eight classmates. Two were killed.

By Sandy Hook Promise

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