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Quiz: 10 Geography Trivia Questions (with Answers)

See if you can rock this geography quiz—without searching google or asking Siri !

Which country is the largest in size?

Hint: It’s not the US.

Answer: Russia.

Covering an expanse of over 6.6 million square miles, Russia is the world’s largest country by landmass, beating out runner-up Canada by around 2.8 million square miles. It includes nine different time zones and shares land borders with 14 neighboring countries. 

Where is the highest point on Earth?

Answer: Mount Everest!

Fun fact: Everest is not the tallest mountain! That title goes to Mauna Kea in Hawaii. It’s almost a mile taller than Mount Everest, but the bulk of its height is submerged in the ocean.

Which continent is the largest in size and population?

Answer: Asia!

Asia is by far the largest continent in the world, spanning 17.2 million square miles (44.6 million square kilometers).

 Being the largest geographically also puts Asia at an advantage population-wise, as having 4.6 billion of the world’s 7.7 billion-person population.

After Alaska, which U.S. state has the longest coastline?

Answer: Florida

Florida’s coastline is about 1,350 miles long. Alaska’s coastline, on the other hand, spans 6,640 miles.

What country is home to the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest?

Answer: Nepal

If you answered China or Tibet, you would also be correct. Mount Everest is technically located on the border between Nepal and Tibet, or what China considers an autonomous part of the People’s Republic of China. 

Which river is the longest?

Answer: The Nile!

However, measuring tactics are controversial and some believe the Amazon to be the longest. The official Guinness Record goes to the Nile.

Which island is the largest?

Answer: Greenland!

Greenland is officially the world’s largest island that is not a continent. Home to 56,000 people, Greenland has its own extensive local government, but it is also part of the Realm of Denmark.

What is the largest U.S. state by area?

We all know everything is bigger in Texas…but it’s not the biggest state in America. 

Answer: Alaska

Alaska’s total area is 663,268 square miles. If it were a country, it would rank 33rd out of 239 countries in the world.

What is the name of the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world?

Answer: Angel Falls

Located in Venezuela, Angel Falls is 3,211 feet tall and plunges 2,368 feet deep. 

What is the capital of Spain?

Hint: It’s not Barcelona.

Answer: Madrid

Madrid is both the capital and the largest city in Spain, with a population of roughly 3.2 million people.  It’s renowned for its rich repositories of European art, including the Prado Museum’s works by Goya, Velázquez and other Spanish masters.

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