Percy Jackson: Everything We Know About The Disney+ Show So Far

A demigod is coming to Disney Plus, as a new original TV series based on the Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series by Rick Riordan has been announced. Disney Plus described Percy Jackson and the Olympians as an “epic adventure series” aimed in particular at tweens, teens and young adults.

Rick Riordan is Working On It

Rick Riordan will be heavily involved. He’s signed on as an executive producer and will also be cowriting the pilot alongside James Bobin, who has directed films like Dora and the Lost City of Gold and Alice Through the Looking Glass.

First Season will adapt “The Lighting Thief”

The first season of the show is being designed to follow the plot of The Lightning Thief. The book follows Percy Jackson as he learns he is a demigod and journeys across the country in search of Zeus’ lightning bolt. But wait, there’s more! The series seems to be destined to take a Game of Thrones approach, adapting one book per season. Riordan wrote on his website, “The idea is that subsequent seasons would each follow a book, so ideally, that would mean five seasons, following the five books of PJO.” Honestly, this is just how all book series adaptations should be! 

The pilot script is still in the early stages

According to Riordan, the show is in the very early stages of conception. That’s why it may seem like they’re taking forever to get off the ground. Riordan even said we may not even have a premiere until two years from now! I will grow old with age waiting. But fear not! The show already has a full team working and a finished script. Currently, they’re just waiting for a top executive’s decision. “Everyone who has read the pilot script loves it, but there will be a few additional tweaks we need to make before we send it off to its next stop: the top execs at Disney+. That’s normal.” It seems like they’re on the right track so far!

Who will star in Percy Jackson and the Olympians? 

Disney+ has announced that “Casting is underway” for the series, so unfortunately there aren’t any confirmed cast members as of yet. 

However, fans on Twitter have already begun quite the campaign, encouraging Disney to cast Logan Lerman (who played Percy Jackson in the existing film series) as Percy’s Greek God father, Poseidon.

When will Percy Jackson and the Olympians be released?

Sadly, there’s no confirmed release date yet. The series has only just been announced as of January 2022, with casting currently underway, so it’s likely to be a while before production begins – and even longer before the show airs.

Still, in the meantime, if you do want to watch the two existing Percy Jackson films (Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters), they’re both available to watch now on Disney+.

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