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‘Montero’: Everything We Know About Lil Nas X’s Upcoming Debut Album

The past two years have been quite a ride for Lil Nas X, and it’s about time for the rap star to release his debut album. Lil Nas X rose to stardom in 2018 thanks to his independent chart-topping record-breaking cross-genre hit, “Old Town Road,” before an “intense bidding war” landed him a professional recording contract with Columbia Records a year later.

The rapper, whose real name is Montero Lamar Hill, is now gearing up for his debut album. Titled Montero, a nod to his real birth name, the album will explore Lil Nas X’s coming-of-age story. To sum it up, here’s everything we know about it: release dates, upcoming features, and what’s next for the rap star.ADVERTISING

10. He’s Also Been Working On A Mixtape

Last year, Lil Nas X took to Twitter to reveal his progress with the album. According to him, the album is ‘almost finished’ and there’s an upcoming mixtape on the horizon. He even invited producers to submit beats for the project.


9. ‘Holiday’ Will Serve As The Lead Single

After successfully enlisting big names like Cardi B and Nas on his debut EP, 7, Lil Nas X is currently busy preparing for the grand debut. In November last year, he released the lead single of the album, “Holiday,” and held a virtual concert on Roblox to promote the record. The Christmas-themed futuristic song peaked at 37 on the Billboard Hot 100 and 11 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.

8. Its Sophomore Single, “Call Me By Your Name” Has Been Topping The Charts In Many Countries

Furthermore, Lil Nas X released his thought-provoking sophomore single from the album. Titled “Call Me by Your Name,” the music and its accompanying visual are a brave and candid confession of the rapper’s journey of coming to terms with his sexuality. The music video itself was a big success, although it ignited a controversy among conservative religious groups.

7. Another Single, ‘Sun Goes Down,’ Was Released This Year

After “Call Me by Your Name,” Lil Nas X offered a much more touching and introspective look on the third single from the album, “Sun Goes Down.” The song chronicles the rapper’s struggle with bullying, especially growing up in a genre that used to be a fertile ground for homophobia. The song entered Billboard Hot 100 at 66.ADVERTISING

6. He Also Ventured Into Writing Books

Besides working on his upcoming debut album, Lil Nas X also worked on his debut children’s book. Earlier this year, the Grammy-nominated rapper released his first-ever venture in writing, C is for Country, to a welcoming response. The book itself is a wholesome ode to self-acceptance, which the rapper dedicated to his nieces and nephews.

“I’m well aware that life and careers and everything goes in chapters,” the rapper says. “That’s the chapter I’m in right now and I’m OK with that.”

5. He’s Felt The Heat After His ‘Satan Shoes’ Get Sued By Nike

Not too long after dropping the thought-provoking visual for “Call Me by Your Name,” Lil Nas X announced that he would release 666 pairs of customized Nike Air Max. Hailed as the “Satan Shoes,” each pair allegedly contains a drop of human blood. Nike quickly distanced the company from the shoes and sued the rapper and his creative studio, MSCHF, and temporarily blocked the sales of the shoes.ADVERTISING

4. He’s Also Been Facing Homophobic Comments About His SNL & BET Awards Appearances

Throughout the course of his career, Lil Nas X has been a vocal figure, especially about his coming-out story. Unfortunately, as a result, his latest two renditions of “Call Me by Your Name” on Saturday Night Live and the 2021 BET Awards weren’t safe from controversies. He’s been facing many homophobic comments, to which he sarcastically and explosively responded, “since y’all still doing all this over a kiss imma just f- the n- on stage next time.”

3. A Marvel-Esque Trailer Of The Album Has Been Released

Now, the Montero Cinematic Universe is upon us. Lil Nas X recently took to Twitter to release a Marvel-inspired trailer for the upcoming album, featuring sequences from his previous music videos including “Old Town Road,” “Call Me by Your Name,” and more.

“I want to do something in a different lane that’s crazier,” the rapper told Variety about what’s next for the album. “I’m not sure what yet… “But that’s for when I make a main single or something.”

2. The Album Will Be Filled With His Coming-Of-Age Story

As you may have expected, Montero is titled with Lil Nas X’s real name to emphasize what the album is all about. According to the rapper, the debut album is a “coming of age story” that is extremely personal to him.

“It’s honest, it’s 100% me. Last time, I played so many characters,” he told Jimmy Kimmel about the upcoming LP. “I’m exploring my sexuality, my self. It’s a coming-of-age story. My heartbreaks, there’s been a lot of those. It’s everything. it’s something everyone can vibe along to.”

1. It Will Be Hit The Stores next month

Lil Nas X has announced the release date for the forthcoming debut album Montero. The LP, presumably set to feature the singles “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” and “Industry Baby,” is due September 17.

By Rafly Gilang

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