How to Adopt One of the 4,000 Beagles Rescued From a Breeding Facility 

By now, you may have seen the news that a breeding facility in Virginia was inspected and shut down after authorities discovered abysmal conditions for the dogs—which means 4,000 beagles are in need of adoption or fostering. According to the New York Times, the authorities have about two months to find homes for all the dogs.

TKN reporter Eden reports on what you need to consider before adding a new four legged friend to the family. Watch our full report below:

If you feel you are ready to adopt a dog, here is how you can help:

Contact your local humane society

The Humane Society of the United States, an animal-welfare nonprofit, is the sole party responsible for managing the removal of the beagles, which were bred to be sold to laboratories for experimentation. The transfer is going to “take place in stages over the next 60 days,” the Humane Society said, and the dogs will be distributed to affiliated shelters and rescue partners.

The national network of shelters and rescue partners includes over 350 organizations, and the Humane Society will be releasing a list of those accepting animals into their adoption program at this link as information is confirmed. If you want one of these beagles, you’ll need to work with your local placement group.

Call your local Humane Society, ask if they plan to take any of the beagles, and express that you’re interested in fostering or adopting one, if possible. Here is the link your local shelter can use to contact the Humane Society if they are willing to take any of the dogs. Also ask if there’s any additional help you can offer. This is a major undertaking for the organization and they need to move fast, so the Humane Society is also asking for donations.

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