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Here’s What The Scarlet Witch One of the Most Powerful Avenger

Wanda Maximoff, better known as Scarlet Witch may have started out as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in early issues of X-Men, but she soon became an early member of the Avengers and one of their most complicated and mysterious heroes.

While she may not be as popular as Iron Man or Captain America, Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful superheroes in the world. Maximoff possesses abilities to alter reality and her chaos magic makes her a powerful sorceress. She has trained under Agatha Harkness, a powerful witch in the MCU and under Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme.

Her latest appearance in the MCU with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness goes even further – with reality-shattering powers that tease dire consequences for the future of several upcoming Marvel Studios projects. 

She Once Wiped Out Mutant kind With Three Words

“No More Mutants.” Then all goes white. Just three words illustrated how powerful her character became in the Marvel Universe. It follows the crossover event called “House of M”where Wanda decides to reshape Earth using her reality-warping powers to make mutants the dominant race and homo sapiens second class citizens. The scope of her preeminence became such a concern that the X-Men and the Avengers debated whether they should kill her to save the planet from any future catastrophe.

A battle occurs which leads to her to renounce Magneto’s philosophy once and for all. To put an end to all the fighting, she uttered just three words and reshaped existence once again to how it originally was. The difference being that 90% of mutants on the planet lose their abilities. Her spell was so great, complex and binding that not even Dr. Strange himself would dare attempt to undo it. 

There were many storylines which were developed as a direct fallout from with some of those being DecimationDeadly GenesisOnslaught, and an especially noteworthy one in Marvel’s Civil War.

Near Single-handedly Defeated Thanos

During the final battle in Avengers: Endgame, the big three; Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America fought together against Thanos. While Captain America fought well using Thor’s Mjølnir, the combined strength of the three Avengers proved not to be enough.

Wanda on the other hand not only held her own against Thanos but forced him to call in an airstrike to escape the fight. Thanos quickly realized that as powerful as he is, he is no match for Wanda at her full strength. Thanos is recognized as one of the most powerful characters in the MCU’s Infinity Saga. As the only Avenger that proved to be capable of singlehandedly defeating him, Wanda ranks easily as one of the most powerful Avengers.

Scarlet Witch’s Reality-Warping Powers Leave Her With Few Rivals

house-of-m scarlet witch cover

Avengers Disassembled was followed by House of M, by Bendis, Coipel, D’armata, Tim Townsend, Rick Magyar, Scott Hanna, John Dell  and Chris Eliopoulos. In that event, Pietro manipulated an increasingly unstable Wanda to alter the world when he believed the New Avengers and X-Men were going to kill her. The reality Wanda created gave Magneto his dream of mutants thriving as the dominant class of humanity. But when an alliance of X-Men, Avengers, and other heroes fought to change the world back, Magneto’s true memories were restored, and he killed Pietro. Hoping to punish her father Wanda said “No more mutants,” erasing the powers of many of the Marvel Universe’s mutants as the rest of the world returned to normal.

Out of the past and present Avengers, only the Sentry really comes close to matching Wanda’s raw power. Like Wanda, the limits of Sentry’s power are unknown, and because he is also mentally unstable, he has posed a similarly massive threat, such as when he almost single-handedly destroyed Asgard. But until proved otherwise, it seems likely that Wanda is still more powerful, given that neither Sentry’s abilities, nor those of his alternate Void persona, stopped his life from being altered during House of M. It’s also possible that Wanda’s sons Billy and Tommy, who are alive again and members of the Young Avengers, could one day rival their mother. Wanda is a nexus being, meaning that she is unique in all the multiverse, and it is said that the children of nexus-beings will possess unimaginable power.

Scarlet Witch Can Create and Manipulate Reality in the MCU

Marvel Studios

The Infinity Stones were powerful because they each controlled different aspects of existence. Although the Infinity Stones have been reduced to atoms in the main MCU timeline, the Scarlet Witch and the Masters of the Mystic Arts including Doctor Strange still possess abilities to manipulate reality.

WandaVision showcases more of Wanda’s powers as she uses her Chaos Magic to create a pocket of reality. Wanda’s Chaos Magic takes over Westview in New Jersey, isolating the town and everyone in it from the rest of the world. While grieving the loss of Vision, the Scarlet Witch constructs an alternate reality where she can live a peaceful dream life, forcing Westview’s inhabitants to participate in it. Everyone in Westview becomes a cast member of Wanda’s sitcom-style reality, playing a part in a sitcom that Wanda herself titles “WandaVision”. Wanda is able to easily alter the appearance of everything in Westview to match the changing time periods of her sitcom.

The Scarlet Witch’s powers extend far beyond controlling people’s minds. She was able to create life during her time in Westview, recreating Vision and creating two twin sons; Billy and Tommy. Vision, Billy, and Tommy possessed free will and independent thought, along with their own superpowers. Vision and the twins were restricted to the Hex, the energy field made of Chaos Magic that surrounded Westview. However, Vision, Billy, and Tommy behaved as self-aware, sentient beings within the reality that Wanda created. Wanda also utilized protection runes in the Hex to prevent the witch, Agatha Harkness, from using her magic powers.

At the start of Phase Four, Wanda is untrained and only beginning to discover her powers. As Doctor Strange is a Master of the Mystic Arts and not officially an Avenger, Wanda is the only Avenger able to enter the Astral Dimension. However, while Doctor Strange separates his astral form from his physical body, Wanda is able to remain in control of her physical body when projecting her astral form. The finale of WandaVision shows Wanda making herself a cup of tea while her astral form studies the Darkhold. Wanda recognizes that she has only just begun to scratch the surface of what she is capable of.

She Carried An Ancient Dark Lord’s Essence Since Childbirth

When Wanda and her twin brother Pietro (Quicksilver) were newborns, an ancient Demonic Sorcerer named Chthon sent part of his essence into Wanda. By his “blessing,” her ability to manipulate chaos and probability and later manipulate all of reality itself was manifest at her birth.

Chthon is itself a part of the essence of a God called the Demiurge. For most of her life she had that being in her waiting to take over and utilize her as an earthly vessel to gain dominion over the planet. With the help of the Avengers, her twin, and their “adoptive” father Django Maximoff, they defeated the being and freed Scarlet from him. Eliminating the being from her body didn’t do anything to take away her powers as she has been already infused with enough chaos magic to make her an omega-level reality manipulator. Though it is known that she’s still intrinsically connected to the being.

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