Hawkeye Finale Ending Explained: The Rolex Watch, Kingpin, and More!

This article contains spoilers for HAWKEYE episode 6 and wider speculation about the future of the MCU.

Welcome to the Hawkeye finale we’ve been waiting for. Not only did the previous episode spill the beans on Kingpin’s involvement, but it also broke Kate Bishop’s world into pieces with the reveal that her mother Eleanor is the one who put a hit out on Hawkeye.

The most recent episode of the Disney Plus series was the season finale and it was a major talking point for many reasons, particularly as it featured the official return of Vincent D’Onofrio’s iconic Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. the Kingpin.

However, the character had quite the tricky time during his debut in the MCU and in a surprising turn of events it has left fans a little concerned about his future.

Is this the last we’ve seen of him already?

Here’s where we wind up at the end of the “Hawkeye” finale and what it all means for the future.

Bishops in debt

We open with Eleanor meeting Kingpin, right where we ended Episode 5. Eleanor Bishop and Wilson Fisk have been working together as she was paying off her deceased husband’s debt. We don’t know about what kind of work Eleanor did to pay off said debt, whether Armand is the first man she killed for Fisk or one of many, what her insurance policy against Fisk is, or anything. Will she survive behind bars?

Maya vs Kazi

Forced into confronting Maya Lopez for Wilson Fisk after trying to kill Eleanor Bishop, Kazimierz “Kazi” Kazimierczak had a difficult confrontation with his close friend.

Despite Maya’s pleas for Kazi to turn away from the Kingpin, Kazi would not join her in leaving the Tracksuit Mafia and went to carry out his master’s instructions.

However, Maya stabbed and killed Kazi and he died in her arms.

Is Kingpin Gone for good?

Marvel Studios

The cardinal rule in comic books and comic book-adjacent media is that if you don’t see a body then, chances are, that person isn’t dead. In Hawkeye, Kingpin is shot off-screen. In fact, we don’t even know if that was Maya’s gun being fired – or if her shot missed the target.

The biggest indicator that Kingpin isn’t dead, though, comes from the comic storyline “Parts of a Hole,” which formed part of Maya’s comic debut.

There, she finds out that Kingpin killed her father – much like here – and shoots the crime boss. That doesn’t kill him and instead the bullit leaving him temporarily blinded.

We’re pretty certain that’s going to be the case here. For one thing, you don’t bring Vincent D’onofrio back for a one-and-done deal. There’s also the small matter of Kingpin’s final line: “Sometimes family doesn’t see eye to eye.” If you ask us, that’s setting Wilson Fisk up for some serious dramatic irony.

Laura Barton and the Rolex Watch


The owner of the Rolex watch, first seen in Maya’s apartment, was one of Hawkeye’s biggest mysteries. The finale revealed that it belongs to Clint’s wife, Laura – and that it has both a SHIELD logo and the number ‘19’ on it.

What does that mean? If you know your comics history, you’ll know that Agent 19 is a SHIELD agent better known as Mockingbird. In effect, Hawkeye confirms that Linda Cardellini’s character worked alongside Clint in the field.

The Uncertain Future of Yelena Belova

Yelena and Clint battle it out on the ice-skating rink of Rockefeller Center, and during the battle Clint tells Yelena that Natasha sacrificed herself and saved the world. Yelena refused to believe him, called him pathetic.

With Clint down, Yelena was ready to kill him once and for all. But she lowered her gun when Clint used Natasha and Yelena’s secret whistle. Clint said that Natasha had told him all about her sister, loved Yelena, and always wanted her safe. This is what finally got through to a teary-eyed Yelena, who lamented to Clint, “You got so much time with her.” Noting that things shouldn’t have gone the way they have, Yelena said that if she was there in Vormir, she could have stopped her. But nothing was going to stop Natasha; she made her choice and, as Clint put it, “we’re going to have to find a way to live with that.” Cue the waterworks as Yelena said, “I loved her so much,” and Clint responded, “Me too.” Yelena offered Clint her hand to stand and he took it, both still grieving Natasha. Clint apologized and Yelena walked away, bringing their conflict to an end.

The Owl, A new villain?

In the fight scene in Rockefeller Center, we see an owl in the tree and it swoops down on the rink at one point. The Owl is another comic book reference. The Owl aka Leland Owlsley is a comic book villain who, like Echo, has ties to Kingpin. The Owl is predominantly an enemy of Daredevil, though shared a rivalry with Wilson Fisk and this would be a natural segue into the MCU.

The owl later takes the Trust a Bros truck and flies away.

The New Hawkeye

At the end of the episode, Clint takes Kate outside, and they burn the Ronin suit on a grill. As they watch it burn, Kate starts throwing out some superhero names for herself like Lady Hawk, Hawk Eve, and Hawk Shot. Clint scoffs at all of them and interrupts Kate saying, “You know what? Actually, I have an idea.” We immediately cut to the end title-card with “Hawkeye” filling the screen, suggesting that Kate is now taking over the role of the new Hawkeye. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seems, is big enough for two Hawkeyes.


The post-credit scene of Hawkeye does not reveal any major plotlines for upcoming shows or movies but it is just a full rendition of Save the City from Rogers: The Musical, which Clint and his kids attended in the first episode. It re-tells the story of the 2012 Avengers in a musical form, with added character Ant-Man.

Will There Be a ‘Hawkeye’ Season 2?

We’re unsure, but it’s unlikely. The only Marvel Disney Plus shows that have been renewed for a second outing are Loki, whose return was confirmed after its season 1 finale, and What If…?, the animated anthology series whose second season was confirmed by its showrunners earlier this year.

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