Hawkeye episode 5 recap: Hawkeye’s surprise cameo has big implications for the MCU’s future

The first season of Hawkeye has introduced numerous Marvel Comics characters to MCU for the first time from Kate Bishop to Echo to Maya — and brought back some like Yelena Belova. 

This week, the episode’s final moments gave us one big shocking surprise, revealing less about the future of Hawkeye, and more about how Marvel Studios is considering the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Another BLIP victim

The episode opens with an explanation of what Yelena’s been up to. She goes to visit a fellow Widow, but then she disappears in the Blip; she comes back five years later, to the exact spot in her friend’s restroom where she vanished. She asks her friend—who’s now married and has a child—to help her find Natasha (Scarlett Johansson). She, of course, has no clue her “sister” is dead. We still don’t know how she find out that Natasha had been killed and by whom!

Manipulated Maya

At a used car lot, Clint takes down every member of Maya’s team, Batman-style, until it’s just her and him. They fight, and Clint gains the upper hand. As he holds the Ronin sword to Maya’s throat, he takes off the mask and reveals some hidden information about the night he killed Maya’s dad, William. Maya fled to meet up with Kazi, who apologized for getting knocked out by Clint. Kazi seemed suspiciously upset that Ronin was still alive, and Maya asked why he didn’t attend the Tracksuit meeting the night her father was killed, since he was William’s second in command. Kazi claimed he wasn’t called for that meeting, but does Maya really believe that?

The Kingpin arrives!

As our heroes wound down at Grills’ apartment, Kate received a text that changed the the entire story. Her mother is the one who hired Black Widow to take out Clint. A stunned Kate showed Clint the photo she also received: Eleanor with Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin! And yes, he the same “big guy” Clint has been worried about all along. Is Eleanor under the Kingpin’s thumb?


More Netflix’s Marvel characters might make an appearance in the MCU

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige told CinemaBlend: “If you were to see Daredevil in upcoming things, Charlie Cox, yes, would be the actor playing Daredevil. Where we see that, how we see that, when we see that, remains to be seen.”

Easter eggs

Yelena lists all of the New York City hotspots that she’d kill to see. The list includes the “new and improved Statue of Liberty,” which is a reference to something we see in the trailers for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Yelena asked for mac and cheese in Black Widow’s 1995 flashback.

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