Glossophobia: What Is It and How You Can Overcome it?

Most teen and college students experience some degree of nervousness or anxiety when they give a speech, presentation, or perform on stage. They still manage to cope with the occasion even though they are not enjoying it. However, people who suffer from glossophobia may deliberately avoid situations where they would have to speak in public.

In our next report, TKN reporter Chloe cover what exactly glossophobia is and shares some useful tips for overcoming glossophobia.

Here are some extra useful tips:

Prepare possible audience questions – come up with a list of potential questions your audience might ask you, then prepare answers and even additional presentation slides to answer them.

Don’t memorize your speech – if you commit your entire speech to memory and then forget even just one line of it, things could spiral out of control and you may find yourself unable to remember the rest of it. You are much better off knowing the essence of what you want to say.

Speak slowly – people tend to talk more quickly when they are nervous so make a conscious effort to slow down. You will be less likely to stumble over your words if you aren’t rushing through your speech.

Keep a glass of water next to you – having a dry mouth while giving a speech happens to everyone not only those who are fearful of public speaking. To keep from feeling like your mouth is filled with cotton, take sips of water occasionally.

Videotape your presentation – you can note if changes are needed. And you may be pleasantly surprised at how authoritative you look and sound.

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