Everything you need to know to Fight sunburns, Premature Aging and Skin Cancer this summer 

With Summer finally here, there is no doubt everyone will be spending as much time outdoors as possible. While basking in the sun is relaxing and a great source of Vitamin D, the harmful UV rays can have many long term negative effects. Therefore, it is important to take necessary precautions when spening time outside. TKN reporter Amanda hares what you can do to keep your skin safe and prevent skin cancer. Watch our full report above 🖕

Here are some extra Tips you should consider:

  • Limit Sun exposure. Try to take a break from the heat and spend some time in the shade whenever possible, especially during the hours of 12-4 pm when the UV index is at its peak. All of the fresh air, without any of the harmful effects from the sun! 
  • Be extra careful around water and sand. These surfaces reflect the damaging rays of the sun, which can increase your chance of getting a sunburn.
  • Staying under shade can be a great way to get outside while limiting your UV exposure. Whether you seek shelter under a tree or set up a tent on the beach, it’s important to find shade, especially during the sun’s strongest hours.

What to do if you get a bad sunburn.

Most cases of sunburn are mild to moderate, which can be uncomfortable. Ibuprofen, aloe vera gel, or cold compresses can help to minimize swelling and pain while it heals. If you have any blisters, avoid picking them open. If they do rupture, clean them with soap and water and cover with a wet dressing to avoid any infection.

In more severe cases that result in vomiting, fever, or disorientation, you may need to seek medical attention from an urgent care center.

You don’t have to stay indoors altogether, but being cautious can help you protect your skin and minimize your risk of skin cancer. Limit unnecessary sun exposure by correctly applying sunscreen, covering up with clothes, hats, and sunglasses, and staying in the shade.

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