Euphoria’s Nate Jacobs Actor Responds To On-Set Controversy Reports

Euphoria star Jacob Elordi, who plays Nate Jacobs, addresses the rumors regarding the show’s on-set working conditions, including the long hours and reported disagreements. First airing in 2019, Euphoria has become a smash hit for HBO, with the show’s immense following only growing throughout its second season, which just came to a close. Euphoria was recently named the most tweeted-about show of the decade and has unsurprisingly been renewed for a third season.

That being said, Euphoria has certainly not been without controversy. In addition to complaints from some fans about the show’s gratuitous nudity, recent reports have alleged that some cast members are unhappy with aspects of their working conditions. One report suggests that Barbie Ferreira, who plays Kat Hernandez, walked off set multiple times due to disagreements with Sam Levinson, the show’s creator. Ferreira is also said to have sustained minor ankle injuries during the filming of one particular sequence, and other cast members are reportedly unhappy with the grueling filming hours of the show, with some days on the Euphoria set stretching as long as 17 hours.

In a new interview with Variety, Elordi responds to the recent reports regarding Euphoria‘s on-set controversy. While Elordi doesn’t address any of the alleged interpersonal drama or disagreements, he does directly comment on the long working hours, suggesting that, while the hours can be long, he enjoys the work and feels taken care of by the production. Check out Elordi’s full comment below:

“I can speak to [“Euphoria’s” long days on set]. We’re making movies, you know what I mean? I mean that in the broad sense, like this is filmmaking. And whilst you shouldn’t suffer, to me there’s great value in working hard. And for every hour that I’ve personally put in on that set, I can see it when I watch the show, and I can feel it when I’m walking on the street and people love the show. That’s always been my dream, and if I’m not on a set, I don’t know what I’m doing. So for me, working long hours is like the greatest joy. And they just they take care of us. That’s my family. If I’m working long hours, Sam’s working twice as long, Zendaya’s working three times as long. We’re all in it together.”

While Euphoria is, of course, a television show, many have praised its high production value and cinematic qualities. These elements, which elevate the show above most TV, are also likely to exacerbate the already grueling work hours that many cast and crew experience on Hollywood productions. In addition to starring in the show as Rue, a recovering drug addict, Zendaya also became an executive producer on Euphoria starting with season 2. Although Elordi acknowledges the long hours as an actor, his comments suggest that both Zendaya and Levinson are working even harder to bring the show to life.

Elordi’s comments come several months after a global push from film and television unions to cut back on the grueling work hours expected of cast and crew members. The long work hours experienced on many Hollywood film sets have been found to lead to excessive levels of exhaustion among cast and crew, with links even being found to greater numbers of car accidents as overworked crew members drive home. While Elordi doesn’t seem to mind working long hours, the reports would suggest that not all of his co-stars feel the same way. Reports regarding production troubles on Euphoria certainly suggest that making season 2 was more troublesome than making season 1, but hopefully season 3 can keep most of the drama on screen.

By Ryan Northrup

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