Euphoria Episode 5 Recap: Rue Continues Her Downward Spiral 

*WARNING: Euphoria season 2 episode 5 spoilers*

Euphoria episode 5 was all about Rue and audiences taking a big dose of reality together. This is the first episode of the season that doesn’t feature a fun soundtrack, and the most emotional and raw episode in the series so far. It was powerful, heartbreaking, and shocking all at once. The main focus in “Stand Still Like the Hummingbird” is Rue. Rue and the heavy reminder to audiences that addiction is very real, painful, and serious. 

Here’s how it all went down.

Lies Exposed

The fifth chapter began with Rue frantically searching for the suitcase that was supplied to her by school teacher turned drug dealer Laurie.

Noticing her daughter’s familiar yet heartbreaking erratic state, her mother Leslie (Nika King) told Rue that she knows all about the suitcase, which resulted in Rue and Leslie exchanging in a war of words in front of Rue’s younger sister Gia (Storm Reid). 

A scared yet angry Rue started to turn her mother’s bedroom upside down and later made her way to the kitchen where tables were flipped and her mother was kicked. 

As Rue and Leslie were getting in each other’s faces, Rue asked her mother who told her about her relapse.

‘I did,’ said a sheepish Jules (Hunter Schafer) who was sitting in the front room alongside Elliot (Domonic Fike), who we know has been taking drugs with Rue also.

Embarrassed that her two friends overheard her and her mother’s fight, Rue immediately lashed out and called Jules every name under the sun before saying her biggest regret was ever laying eyes on her. 

As soon as Jules and Elliot left, Rue broke down in tears, and Leslie and Gia helped her into the car ready to take her into the hospital. But it didn’t take long before Rue fought against the idea, which resulted in her running out into the highway mid-drive.

Most Explosive Secret Was Finally Revealed 

Rue stopped by her alternative safe spot aka Lexi Howard’s house.

Of course, Maddie Perez and her BFF Kat Hernandez and Cassie Howard were already there.

Rue pleads with Lexi to let her stay with her, but Rue’s mum was already one step ahead and turned up at the house.

Leslie encourages her stubborn daughter to come with her, which resulted in Cassie begging Rue to listen and sort herself out.

Cassie’s advice however didn’t sit well with Rue at that moment and in a desperate attempt to get the heat off her, Rue said aloud: ‘So Cassie, how long have you been f***ing Nate.’

Talk about dropping the mic!

Cassie’s face instantly turned into panic as her BFF Maddy, who was still enduring a toxic relationship with her, started staring at her friend up and down, but alas Cassie’s guilty face said it all.

Relieved over the commotion that she caused, Rue escaped again while Kat and Lexi pulled Maddy back from beating up Cassie.

Run, Rue, Run!

Fez has always been there for Rue during her darkest moments, so Rue heads to his house, but tries to steal Grandma Fez’s medicine, leading to the tolerant dealer forcefully throwing her out – even Fez is done with her drug addiction. Later, Rue breaks into someone’s home and steals some money and jewelry. At this point, Rue has caught the attention of a local patrol car, who ask if she’s ok. She attempts to respond, but then throws up and runs away. What follows is a chase scene that plays into the tropes of classic chase scenes (crashing a pool party, performing elaborate parkour, falling into a cactus garden, etc.) but seems bizarre given the episode’s focus on gritty realism – isn’t Rue in withdrawals? How does she have the stamina for a longish chase? 

Then, she goes to Laurie’s (Martha Kelly) house. Laurie thanks her for the money and jewelry, but she says that she doesn’t run a pawn shop, Rue’s going to have to pay it all in cash and soon. Laurie doesn’t appear too upset (but when does she ever?). Laurie does say she’s disappointed that Rue lied about being sober. She helps get Rue in the bath and gives her morphine to help with the pain.

When Rue met Laurie and Morphine

Rue goes to Laurie’s house. Rue submitted all the stolen cash and jewelry to Laurie as a part of her payment for the drugs. Laurie informed us that she needed only cash, and Rue promised to return it all as soon as possible. Laurie explained how she had never been angry in her life, and she could understand the situation Rue was in. She herself went through withdrawal, and she feared it the most. She could only provide the intravenous morphine she had, but Rue only consumed drugs orally. As Rue felt sick, Laurie took care of her. She prepared a bath for Rue and kept the morphine ready. 

When Rue was desperate enough to take drugs in any form, Laurie injected the morphine. Rue woke up the next morning to realize that she was still at the drug dealer’s apartment. She quietly tried to leave, but her window was closed, and the door was locked. She could not find the keys but managed to narrowly escape through the window of another room. She ran again, but this time did she go home? Did Laurie have a lot more drugs than the only intravenous morphine she claimed to have? Was it her way of introducing Rue to the even darker side of addiction? Did Rue sign off her life to Laurie after this vulnerable moment? Laurie also spoke about how women always had their bodies to sell if nothing else worked.Was Laurie involved in the body trading business?

Here’s what morphine does to the body

Morphine is an analgesic used to treat moderate and severe pain. It can cause numerous side effects including headaches, drowsiness and mood changes. Serious side effects such as hallucinations, fast heartbeat and vomiting can also occur. 

The drug travels through the blood to the brain, releasing signals that mask the perception of pain and boost the feelings of pleasure, as per Mayo Clinic. They can become addictive, which is why monitoring by medical professionals is critical. 

Morphine can cause serious or life-threatening breathing problems, especially during the first 24 to 72 hours of taking the drug.

When one suddenly stops taking the drug, they can experience withdrawal symptoms such as fast heartbeat, yawning, and anxiety, so professionals usually decrease doses gradually.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, please visit or call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration National Helpline at 1-800-662-4357.

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