Doctors warn against the ‘sunscreen contouring’ TikTok trend

As we start heading into the summer, it is more important that ever to protect your skin against sun damage and wearing always sunscreen to keep safe.

However, a TikTok trend has caused some concern as doctors warn users that attempting this trend could lead to skin cancer.

The trend was started by LA model Eli Withrow, who posted a video showing how she applied her sunscreen in order to ‘achieve snatched all summer’.

“Haters will say it doesn’t work, but I am convinced that if you put a base sunscreen of SPF 30 on and SPF 90 on all the spots that you would put highlighter on, the sun will contour your face where you put bronzer and you will be naturally snatched all summer” she explained in the video, which has over 1 million views.

However, experts have warned that there is “no safe or healthy way to get a tan” and by  and that by not using an SPF correctly and not covering your whole body, you could risk sunburn or damaging your skin.

Speaking to MailOnline, Dr Simran Deo at Online Doctor, Zava, explained that you can use make up to achieve the contoured look, rather than damaging your skin.

“Although using SPF to contour may lead to temporary tan lines in areas where you would usually use make-up to create the same effect, once those tan lines fade you can be left with more permanent skin damage, which presents at a later age and is not so easy to reverse” she said.

“The harsh UVA, UVB and UVR rays of the sun can lead to early signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines, areas of hyperpigmentation such as lentigo or deeper pigmentation known as melasma” she continued. 

“It can result in damage of the skin cells leading to skin cancer and pre-cancerous changes, as well as having an effect on your immunity”, she added.

Unfortunately, the trend has been tried by many people online so far, which TikTok users posting the results of trying the ‘sunscreen contour’.

Although some claim that the ‘hack’ had work, other have shown the dangers of trying the trend.

TikTok user @teachermclane posted a video showing her sunburnt face after trying after attempting to try the trend.”Have you ever watched a Tiktok and thought it was a really good idea? So you decided to contour your face with sunscreen to have a natural highlight and you think it’s going to look fantastic? Well it’s not” the video said before Christa showed her sunburnt, and clearly sore face, and added, “Not a good idea”.

Stay safe in the sun this summer and make sure you apply your sunscreen generously and frequently on ALL parts that are exposed to the sun.

By Kelly O’Sullivan

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