Cobra Kai: 5 Questions We Have After Watching Season 4

After a year-long wait, We finally were able to watch the fourth season of the acclaimed series. Viewers who have seen the entire season can most definitely speak to the fact that this was an incredibly action-packed, and dramatic, ride of a season, with lots of cliffhangers to boot. 

With the already announced season 5 renewal, the fourth season built the plot with another All-Valley Tournament. However, the fourth season left us with more questions as to what is to come.

Warning: SPOILERS for Cobra Kai Season 4.

What will happen to Kreese? And who will take over Cobra Kai Dojo?

At the end of the season 4 finale, it was revealed that Terry Silver, Kreese’s original co-founder of Cobra Kai, had betrayed him by getting him arrested for a crime that he did not even commit. 

As Kreese is taken away in cuffs, Silver says, “Don’t worry about a thing. I’m sure I can dig up a friend or two to help out with Cobra Kai while you deal with your legal problems.” 

Is Silver referring to Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan), a villain from “The Karate Kid Part III”?

Is Kreese gone for good? or perhaps Kreese would reform and team up with possibly even with Johnny and Daniel from prison to take him down? The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?

Will Tory come clean and tell about the game being rigged?

After Cobra Kai winning the tournament and as Tory celebrates her win, she overhears Silver paying off the referee, who had deliberately overlooked strikes that could have seen Samantha, and Miyagi-Do, win instead. Will she come clean to Robby, or even her own burgeoning mother figure in Amanda LaRusso?

Who is Miguel’s dad?

Cobra Kai season 4  ended with Miguel leaving Los Angeles to find his birth father, and this need was fueled by Robby planting doubt in Diaz’s mind that Johnny was only helping Miguel because he couldn’t be a father to Robby. Miguel was then heartbroken when a drunken Johnny called him “Robby,” which confirmed Diaz’s worst fears of Robby being right about his sensei. 

The question of the identity of Miguel’s father has been floating in the background since the season 1. Few solid details about Miguel’s dad are known, except that he was involved in the cartel to such a dangerous degree that Carmen left Ecuador with Miguel in order to get away from him. So who is Miguel’s dad? A fighter? A criminal? Influencer? We are hoping we get some answers next season.

What is on the scroll that Anthony opens?

Chozen in season 3 introduce some Karate techniques that Daniel never learned. He taught Daniel Kyusho – the technique of vital point striking – that made Daniel lose control of his arm. Daniel used it on Kreese in the season 3 finale and on Johnny in their season 4 rematch. Chozen also gave Daniel an ancient scroll with a secret technique. But the scroll shows on season 4 looks a bit different. Is it possible the scroll contains Miyagi-Do dark secrets that Daniel would only deploy if absolutely necessary?

Is Robby switching sides now?

At the final episode we see Robby following Johnny to the newly closed Cobra Kai dojo and opens up about how he failed Kenny. Johnny assures him it was his fault for getting in the way of Robby’s training with Daniel in the first place, and Robby replies with perhaps the most shockingly moving line of the finale: “I’m sick of blaming you, Dad.” They finally embrace as Robby cries, one of the most cathartic moments of the series.

 Is Robby out of Cobra Kai and headed to Eagle Fang? Headed back to Miyagi-Do? Going solo? Retiring entirely from karate?

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