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Researchers claim they’ve 3D-printed artificial heart using patient’s cells

There's been a potential breakthrough in making organs in the lab. Israeli researchers have 3D printed a heart, complete with muscle and blood vessels. But how...

Why dolphins are deep thinkers

At the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Mississippi, Kelly the dolphin has built up quite a reputation. All the dolphins at the institute...

An Unusual Family Of Bald Eagles Adds 3 Eaglets

You can tell Tolstoy that not every happy family is alike after all. Along the Mississippi River in Illinois lives an unusual family of six...

Can Movie Ratings Really Stop Teens from Smoking?

If cigarette smoking were banned from teen-friendly movies, would kids be less likely to pick up the habit? Researchers at the Geisel School of Medicine...

See the first image ever taken of a supermassive black hole

For the first time ever, humanity can gaze at an actual photograph of a supermassive black hole. It’s an achievement that took supercomputers, eight...

What It’s Like to Become a NASA Astronaut: 10 Surprising Facts

Being an astronaut is a tremendous commitment. Astronaut candidates — who tend to be selected in their 30s and 40s — usually leave prestigious...

Iraq’s Dying Rivers

For thousands of years, two famous rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates, made Iraq one of the most fertile regions in the Middle East. Often called "the cradle of...

Why snoozing your alarm could be damaging your health

There are two types of people in this world: A) the people who set an alarm and gleefully hop out of bed at the...

Karen Uhlenbeck Is the First Woman to Win Math’s Top Prize

karen Keskulla Uhlenbeck, a University of Texas at Austin emeritus professor renowned for her groundbreaking advancements in geometric analysis and gauge theory, is the first woman to win...

Spring arrives. What really is an equinox?

It's almost time to hang up those winter coats. The season of flower blossoms, pastel colors, playoff basketball and Easter egg hunting is upon...



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