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Are ‘smart drugs’ safe for students?

It is an all too common story: a diligent student works hard and finally achieves a coveted place at Cambridge University. Once there, the...

Anger is a Stop Sign

When you are not getting something you want, or getting something that you don’t want, anger may surge. Beware, as excessive anger is one of the...

Is NASA Worth The Money We Spend On It?

A scam, by definition, depends on deceiving people to take their money. Space exploration (at least the programs I am familiar with in the...

10 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy in College

Eating well as a co-ed is hard. And why wouldn't it be? "College is a place where you're often set up for food failure," says...

Meet The World’s First Fully Automated Burger Robot

Start-up company Creator, owned by Greek-American Alex Vardakostas, is opening a burger restaurant in San Francisco where the burgers will be prepared by a robot system. Creator...

Under the skin: how insertable microchips could unlock the future

The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and usually inserted in the webbing between the thumb and forefinger using a...

This activist began fundraising for clean water at age 6

Ryan Hreljac first began his project to alleviate the shortage of clean water in Uganda when he was in the first grade by raising...

Gaming addiction recognised as a mental health disorder

For video game addicts, it might soon be “game over.” In its latest revision to a disease classification manual, the World Health Organization said Monday...

Animal Sibling Rivalry, It’s More Than Just Conflict

Animals, including siblings, compete for resources such as food, territory, and potential mating partners. In animal sibling rivalry, individuals compete for parental care or limited...

Why Being a Musician Is Good For Your Brain

Science has shown that musical training can change brain structure and function for the better. It can also improve long-term memory and lead to better brain development for those who...



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