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‘Lightning Strikes’ When Young Girls Get Breast Cancer

ABC News - Taylor Thompson was planning to spend her summer vacation by the pool with friends. Instead, she spent a month becoming very...

Pros and Cons of Animal Dissection in Schools

Dissecting animals has been a component of thousands of science and biology classes over the years. It’s been a way to study anatomy, internal...

A child prodigy’s tough years: ‘world’s youngest professor’ comes of age

Alia Sabur learned to read when she was eight months old. She completed her primary-school curriculum at the age of five. She became an...

Voice Changes for Boys During Puberty

verywellFamily - If your son's voice is cracking, he is experiencing the natural effects of male puberty. This time in a young man's life brings changes...

Keeping Portions Under Control

KidsHealth - These days, lots of us eat too much and don't realize it because we've become so used to seeing (and eating!) large...

What is Area 51 and what goes on there?

The viral Facebook event "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us" took place last week- even though the person who came up...

Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | September 14th – September 21st, 2019

A BLOCK: It used to be that school sports were seasonal.  For example, you’d play soccer in the fall and baseball in spring.  But...

12 Things No One Tells You About Alzheimer’s

Women's Health Magazine - Ask anyone what worries them most about getting older, and more than a few people will say losing the ability to...

Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | September 6th – September 13th, 2019

A BLOCK: Our top story focuses on a group of kids challenging the world’s views on recycling and the way we view plastic waste...

Would You Take $1M Or A Penny Doubled Every Day For 30 Days?

When I first heard about turning $0.01 into over $10 million in just one month, I thought it was crazy. My head was spinning...



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