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Can you solve this viral math problem? (Hint: it’s not 9)

What is 9 – 3 ÷ 1/3 + 1 ? 

This seemingly simple math problem went viral in Japan after a study found that only 60% of 20-somethings were able to calculate the correct answer, down from a rate of 90% in the 1980s. 

Of course the key is order of operations. 

1. Parentheses
2. Exponents
3. Multiplication and Division (left to right)
4. Addition and Subtraction (left to right)

(As the famous mnemonic goes, Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.)

What’s your final answer?

If your final answer is 1, congrats! You are correct. But for those who are still stumped, you’re not alone. You can watch this entire video to see how they calculated the solution.

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