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Beto O’Rourke interrupts Texas Gov. Abbott’s press conference: “You’re offering us nothing”

Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke (D) on Wednesday confronted Gov. Greg Abbott (R) during a press conference on the Uvalde, Texas, elementary school mass shooting, yelling, “You’re offering us nothing!”

Why it matters: O’Rourke is challenging Abbott for the governorship and has been highly critical of the incumbent’s support of gun rights.

  • O’Rourke is from El Paso, Texas, where a gunman killed 23 people and injured 23 others in 2019.

What they’re saying: “The time to stop the next shooting is now, and you are doing nothing,” O’Rourke yelled before he was kicked out of the press conference.

  • After O’Rourke interjected, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz told him to “sit down,” while another person involved with the presser called him a “sick son of a b****.”
  • Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said he was “out of line and an embarrassment.”
  • Abbott spoke again after O’Rourke was kicked out, saying, “There’s no words anybody shouting can come up here — and do anything — to heal those broken hearts.”

O’Rourke spoke again after he was removed, saying, “I want us to do something right now. We can do something right now. But if we continue to accept this, it is on us. It’s not just the governor’s fault, it is on us. I’m not going to accept it, so I’m here, I’m calling attention to it.”

  • “And I’m calling on all Texans of good conscience — and I could care less whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat or an independent — to stand up right now for yourself, for your kids, for our families and to stop the next shooting just like this one,” he added.

The big picture: 19 kids and at least 2 adults died in the massacre.

By Jacob Knutson

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