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Be On The Lookout For This ‘Stranger Things’ Star On UPenn’s Campus Next Year

The University of Pennsylvania is going to have a star on its campus pretty soon. Be on the lookout if you attend UPenn because you may spot Noah Schanpp walking around the halls. Over the weekend the Stranger Things star was accepted into the prestigious school and the entire thing was captured on Tik Tok.

The video is the purest content you will see all weekend. The 17-year-old actor gathered around the computer with his parents and twin sister as they anxiously opened an email from the school. The reactions on each of their faces once they read that Schanpp had been accepted will make you cry!

Schanpp will be a part of UPenn’s 2026 graduating class. He will begin taking classes in the fall of 2022, according to Hollywood Life. No word on what he plans on studying or majoring in just yet. It most likely will be in the field of theater, performance, communications, etc given he is already a very successful actor. He could however branch out and explore other fields that he is passionate about. In a youtube video he uploaded a few years ago he expressed interest in foreign languages. At the time he was learning French and Portuguese.

When Schnapp will be starting the first semester of his freshman year, season 4 of Stranger Things will have just come out, according to People. So it is very safe to say he is going to be very popular on campus.

By Kayla Thomas

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